Gentlemen, Cross Your Legs

Filed in National by on August 26, 2009

“If we need to save our penises from anybody, it’s Obama.” —Rush Limbaugh

Birthers and Deathers, make room for the Penis Protectors.  Can’t make this stuff up.  Although… this new erected outrage should provide endless entertainment.

(h/t Bob Cesca)


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  1. We know what Republicans are obsessed with.

  2. Worth posting again. This link was in the weekend open thread. It’s about the birthers new obsession on the state of the presidential foreskin.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    They were obsessed with Clinton’s penis too.

    The damned Viagra Brigade — Obama should threaten to tax this stuff and give them something real to howl about.

  4. nemski says:

    Can I repeat my foreskin joke?

  5. liberalgeek says:

    My favorite joke of that ilk:

    Q. Why do lawyers wear neckties?

    A. To keep the foreskin from covering their face.

    I love that one.

  6. pandora says:

    The scary thing… they aren’t joking. This is all that is left of the Republican Party. R.I.P.

  7. Geezer says:

    Maybe this is what they mean when they say Republicans “have no skin in the game.”

  8. PBaumbach says:

    conservatives are raising the alarm about inflation …

  9. liberalgeek says:

    They are pissed that they got the short end of the stick.

  10. nemski says:

    I was penning a penile missive that would be penetrative about the Republican penchant for pendulous appendage, however on second thought I’ll just pencil it in for later.

  11. anon says:

    Rush should take his case to Small Claims court.

  12. anoni says:

    other than the standard let’s post about male anatomy… I have no idea what you are talking about.

    That’s the problem with not getting the libtard talking point memo.

  13. anon says:

    There is a helpful quote and link for the clueless.

  14. nemski says:

    anon, not only does anonidiot not provide links, he/she is unable to click links.