Two Democratic State Reps Make People of Influence List

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In Delaware Today’s list of the People of Influence, two of our Democratic State Representatives make the grade, Schwartzkopf and Kowalko.

Pete Schwartkopf was named for his influence in politics.

The Rehoboth Beach legislator sponsored the bill that made sports betting legal in Delaware, and he continues to be a powerful voice for the Del Pointe project, a proposed harness racing track, which, if built in Millsboro, would include a casino, water park, indoor sports complex, paintball park, movie theaters and restaurants. He says the project could create up to 6,000 thousand new jobs. Schwartzkopf faces stiff opposition from casino owners. He was dismissed in May from his post as head of security for the Delaware State Fair, a position he held for the past six years. The fair holds a majority stake in Harrington Raceway and Casino.

Kowalko, on the other hand, was named for his work in the environment.

Kowalko, himself a former activist, is one of the few who have successfully reconciled a merger of activism and politics. His secret weapon: economics. “Once you track these issues and make an economic connection, it becomes so much easier to argue this from a politically viable point of view,” he says.

Nancy Cook was also named for her influence in finance.  Congratulations all.

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  1. Obviously a bad list – I’m not on it. 😛

  2. Hmm says:

    Nothing to do with politics… but the sub-headline talks about “a new generation of leadership”…

    Most of those people are not even approaching “new”…

  3. liberalgeek says:

    Well, let’s take Pete and John… still a newly minted leader despite his years in Leg Hall. And John has only been through one reelection. Still relatively new and a move away from the Minner/Adams generation of dinosaurs.

  4. That Minner/Adams generation of dinosaurs includes Porkosaurus Nancy Cook.

    In her case, ‘influential’ is not a synonym for ‘good’.

    Schwartzkopf and Kowalko have a lot to offer, however.

  5. MJ says:

    Pete is the best. Honest, hardworking, and willing to listen to everyone, even the folks at WGMD. I see a bright future for him.

  6. Agreed, MJ. ‘Bulo would be shocked if higher office isn’t in Pete’s future. He has none of that prideful (i.e. willfully ignorant) Sussex County parochialism to mitigate against his running statewide. He’s smart, knows how to effectively work in Dover, is as good a progressive as you’ll ever get out of Sussex, and he is simply a very appealing guy with obvious leadership qualities.

  7. Suzanne says:

    “Most of those people are not even approaching “new”…”

    They may not be new but their approach is definitely not just that of the gold ole boys network in Delaware.

    I don’t think Pete will run for higher office – he has considered it before and wouldn’t do it – he likes what he does (well, and I asked him that before and his answer was quite convincing).

    Kowalko to me is the “go to” guy this session – the one you go to if you want to get something done because he won’t just let it sit on his desk but he will do something if he believes in it and thinks its worth a try – even if the chances of whatever it is passing are slim, he’ll still do it.

  8. Jake says:

    When did the Cape Gazette ever run a negative editorial of Pete Schwartzkopf?

  9. Art Downs says:

    So we can bet our way out of economic trouble.

    When time are tough,many people with disposable income cut back on play. This includes social gambling. Many of those with disposable income got to that state through prudence.

    So who will flock to the betting parlors? People already down on their luck who are digging themselves a deeper financial hole?

    If I were the heartless ‘social Darwinist’ that some have accused be of being, I might applaud another ‘soak the poor’ scheme.

    I might add that I am no puritan re ‘vices’ that most people enjoy but that some take to an addictive extreme.