The lie, and the liars

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The lie: That any proposal currently before congress contains funding for “death panels” that kill patients against their will.
The truth: Your doctor can be reimbursed for helping you make a living will – in which you can declare “I insist that no one ever pull the plug on me for any reason whatsoever until I am dead.” Meanwhile, the private insurance you’re currently paying for, like Blue Cross or Cigna or United Health Care, really do have panels that refuse to pay for life-saving surgeries, forcing you or your grandma to choose between bankruptcy or death.

The liars – This lie has been told by the following liars:
Sarah Palin, who might have been thinking of the worst-in-the-nation status of Alaska’s elder-care programs – “227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs.”
Newt Gingrich
Betsy McCaughey
Rep. John Boehner
Rep. Thad McCotter
Senator Chuck Grassley
Glenn Beck
Andrew Napolitano (FOX)
Brian Kilmeade (FOX)

They are liars. None of them have retracted their claims, which are easily proven false. Therefore, the lying must be intentional.

This is intended as a helpful guide for Republicans who want to know which of their mouthpieces needs to heed Palin’s call that “ya quit makin’ things up!”

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  1. Even Senator Johnny Isakson, who wrote the provision, is walking back his criticism after Rush went after him.

    I really do think we need a Deather/Birther chart so we can keep track of who is insane and who isn’t. I hope someday they pay the price (losing an election) for telling lies.

  2. Progressive Mom says:

    …and, thanks to the media — all of them — there is now more time and inches given to lies without pointing to them as lies than there is to truth.

    Yes, I do think Jefferson and Adams would be appalled at what we’ve used the First Amendment for….