‘Bulo’s Desperate Offer to Copeland: Will Unmask for Transparency

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(Various & Sundry Disclaimers: This likeness may or may not resemble that of El Somnambulo. Rafael Navarro and El Somnambulo may or may not be the same person. The gun featured here should in no way be misconstrued as a threat, but rather as a peace offering to Caesar Rodney Institute board member and former NRA President John Sigler.)

 Many of you know of El Somnambulo’s dedication to the Mexican craft of Lucha Libre, the purest of wrestling forms. Each luchador wears a mask that is part of the very fiber of their being. Being forced to unmask is like being forced to sever one’s soul from one’s body. Only in the direst of circumstances, when the disputes are both profound and irresolvable in any other manner, do luchadors offer up their masks.

El Somnambulo finds himself in such a circumstance today. His insistence on openness and transparency is so profound, and  Charlie Copeland’s failure to provide such openness and transparency is so…transparent, that ‘bulo is prepared to part with his most prized possession.

The Beast Who Slumbers is prepared to go much further than that. Not only will he publicly unmask, but he will reveal his civilian identity. He’ll even go further. He’ll permit Copeland to write an unauthorized bio of ‘bulo or, if Copeland prefers, Copeland will be free to select whomever he wants to write it–El Burrito Junior, Monsignor Lavelle, a ‘moonlighting flak’ from the Caesar Rodney Institute, or any other Mindless Mignonette (Greenville spelling) he might prefer. And DL will print it, word-for-word.

In exchange, all Copeland has to do is fully and completely answer the following questions HERE at Delaware Liberal (most of you have seen these questions before, but none of you have yet seen them answered by Copeland):

In what capacity, if any, are you involved with the Caesar Rodney Institute?  Are you supporting CRI in any financial capacity and, if so, to what extent? What role did you play, and do you continue to play, in the choice of staff and/or board positions for the CRI? If you are involved in CRI, why have you chosen not to provide the same transparency to your role as you demand of state government, for example?

Based on recent developments, El Somnambulo adds one more question to the list. 

What involvement, if any, do staff and/or members and/or others affiliated with the Caesar Rodney Institute have in the creation of content and/or research for your Resolute Determination blog?

A quick dissection of your blog’s content clearly demonstrates its partisan nature, as in Wednesday’s rebuttal to House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf. And, granted, that piece is indeed weak enough to be the work of an amateur, but one can never be sure. Accordingly, please demonstrate to the public that you have set up  proper ‘firewalls’ between the non-partisan Institute and your partisan blog. If, indeed, all the research and writing on your blog is you and only you, El Somnambulo tips his sombrero to you. Amazing that someone busy creating ‘thousands of jobs’ has so much time for blogging. Unless it’s thousands of ‘think-tank’ jobs you’re creating.

In the Interest of Openness and Transparency

Your Amigo

El Somnambulo

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  1. anon says:

    Dude – once you unmask, you will have more unauthorized bios than you can read in one sitting.

  2. anonone says:

    You sell your mask cheaply, mi amigo.

  3. jason330 says:

    Whatever happens, you’ve shown that this “think tank” is nothing more than a half-assed IRS dodge to keep Charlie Copeland’s politcal campaign money flowing in the off years. Even if the News Journal is not interested, the Dept of Elections should be – not to mention Charlie’s next political opponent (whoever that turns out to be).

  4. anon says:

    CRI content on Charlie’s blog is one thing, and is fine. But CRI content on a campaign site (if it comes to that) would be something else entirely. I suppose that is why CRI is going to such lengths to create the illusion of independence at this early stage.

  5. cassandra_m says:

    keep Charlie Copeland’s political campaign money flowing

    While I would not doubt that this is partly about a permanent campaign, I also suspect that this has something to do with staking a claim to the defacto leadership of the state party since Castle won’t be that forever. And this new regime is much more interested in a total buy in of movement conservatism than Castle ever would be.

  6. …you’ve shown that this “think tank” is nothing more than a half-assed IRS dodge to keep Charlie Copeland’s politcal campaign money flowing in the off years.

    This is the runaway shit I was referring to a few days ago. No, ‘bulos stuff did NOT say that nor make that accusation. You aren’t going to engage him at all if this is what keeps coming from it. BTW, he did respond to DV’s comment over on his side.

  7. jason330 says:

    Jimmy C –

    The series clearly proves that Copeland’s team is being kept together, for messaging and opposition research for some upcoming campaign. It has got to be on the edge of illegality if not illegal.

    Cassandra –

    Good points. The links to the money and messaging of the larger movement conservatism show that.