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We just got a tip on our tipline:

It seems that SB 121 is being pulled from today’s agenda. Maybe that will change before sessions starts….but that is the early word.

I would expect that everything is being pulled from today’s agenda, not just SB 121, since the General Assembly is recessing for today and perhaps longer due to Senator Adams’ passing. However, if only SB 121 is being pulled, and if SB 121 will not be voted during this General Assembly simply out of some ill placed deference to the late President Pro Tem simply because he fought to prevent debate on this bill for years, then there will be consequences for those responsible.

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  1. PI says:

    Looks like the agenda is being scrapped for the day and Adams family will address the Senate.

  2. ‘Bulo has not seen anywhere where the General Assembly has recessed for the day. Not at the legislature’s own site, the News-Journal, or anywhere else.

    Does anyone have official confirmation that the legislative day is not being held?

  3. I think it’s a good idea to scrap today’s agenda. The passage of SB 121 will be a joyous occasion which doesn’t seem appropriate on the day of Sen. Adams’s death.

  4. MJ says:

    I received an email from Stonewall Dems advising that SB 121 is being postponed until tomorrow.

  5. Libby Stiff says:

    I am old enough to have endured Dean Steele, One Term Sherm, and Thurman Adams. Death is the great equalizer. Thurman’s Adams’ family spoke glowingly of him: I’m guessing that none are gay or liberal. Maybe Delaware can now move forward. The job at hand–His replacement. Special election??

  6. anonone says:

    They should pass it over his dead body.

  7. DrawingTheLine says:

    Spouting hatred while you fight for what you deem is a noble cause is an honorable way to fight the battle .. . . . . . . .

  8. MaskMan says:

    Spoke with Sen. Peterson this AM, personally. She states that SB121 will go for vote this afternoon (Wednesday), and is expected to pass. There are three amendments proposed, she says, aimed at weakening the bill, but she anticipates that those will be defeated. If passed, then SB121 will go before the house tomorrow.

    By the way, Peterson, a co-sponser of SB121, spoke glowingly of Adams, and clearly was moved by her memories of him. He may’ve been a real sitck-in-the-mud, but he had the personal admiration of his opponents. Bear that in mind when you criticise his memory.