Phillies Drop Three to Orioles…but are they losers?

Filed in Sports by on June 21, 2009

If not for a horrible call in the eighth in which Rollins was called out when the first baseman CLEARLY missed the tag, the Phils could have won.

And yet, they didn’t seem very live to me. I’m no expert, but Baltimore was able to poke out the base hits and advance the baserunner when they needed to like a winning ball club. The Phils used every at bat to swing at the fence. What’s up with that? It worked exactly once today.

Were they this poorly managed last year? Do they always take the low percentage shot? Do they only make their bonuses if they hit home runs? They are now 13-21 at home and are only leading the division because the NL east sucks.


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  1. RSmitty says:

    Yeah, they suck right now. Totally lifeless. If being asked over and over why they are so much worse at home bothers them, but actually losing those games doesn’t, then yes, they SUCK!

    Go Phils.

  2. RSmitty says:

    Who let her in here?

  3. cassandra_m says:

    My hometown team, baby!

  4. JohnnyX says:

    I was at the game, with very good seats (thanks to a friend who works at the ballpark), and will agree that the call on Rollins was completely bogus. The only thing my friend who was with me suggested was that maybe the ump was calling him out for being too far out of the baseline. Either way, we were all cheering on Charlie when he got fired up and tossed.

    In reality, I’m not sure that particular play would have mattered either way. As Jason said, they are all just doing stupid shit right now. Amateur stuff. Swinging at the first damned pitch instead of trying to work the count in their favor (Rollins), swinging at ball four trying to kill it rather than being content to put themselves on based (Werth). I don’t know what the hell has happened to their ability to play small ball (where was the base stealing today when they did have men on?) but they seriously need to get it back if they want to stay on track to win the division and / or actually have a chance in hell against the Dodgers or whoever else in the playoffs.

    It certainly doesn’t help that they’re missing some of their regulars right now and have also had defensive miscues as a result. Greg Dobbs mishandled an easy out that (if I recall) prolonged one of the innings in which the Orioles scored today. And I love what the guy did late last year, but I’m sorry, Matt Stairs’ ridiculously slow 40-something year old butt does not belong in left field. I realize Mayberry messed up on his first game out there, but give the kid a chance – he’s likely an outfielder of the future for this team.

  5. RSmitty says:

    maybe the ump was calling him out for being too far out of the baseline.
    The broadcast on MSN (my bro-in-law doesn’t like the PHL17/CSN TV talent) suggested that, as well. His foot did touch outside of the white box. Although Jx, I disagree that it wouldn’t have been a different outcome…OK, yeah I do agree with you, BUT, it would have at least been 2-2 in that inning with Victorino’s double.

    Oh – and Mayberry? Trade bait for AL, maybe not in the next three years, but shortly thereafter. I like the kid, but scouts (I REEEEEAAAAALY follow baseball…it’s a freaking addiction as I love the overload of stats) have him pegged as a long-term DH.