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Twitter is making some big news of late, so big in fact it has made the most recent cover of Time magazine

Before I get started, I’m not a twitter expert by any means, I’m just enjoying it

And this isn’t meant to be an all encompassing review of twitter, just a brief introduction in spurts of 140 characters or less

When your first create yourself an account, you wonder what the hell is this all about, posts in 140 characters seems lame

You see the at sign @nemski and that makes some sense, it appears almost like email, like your addressing a comment directly to nemski

But what’s the pound thing all about, you know the # you see at the end of a tweet. Tweeters call it a hash

Tweeters are people who use twitter, people who tweet

The hash helps tweeters keep subject matter grouped together, so that different issues can be tweeted

One of the searches I have saved on my twitter account is #Delaware

Delaware’s tweeters seem to be a pretty tight group, as tight as Delaware bloggers use to be

You can meet first state tweeters at or or

Oh those weird links, they have been shortened to limit the amount of characters one tweets, remember you only have 140 characters

Back on the subject of Delaware tweeters, they’re getting together this Thursday night for a Delaware TweetUp at Iron Hill in Wilmington

You can learn more about the Delaware TweetUp at From 5 to 9 at Iron Hill in Wilmington on Thursday night

The Delaware TweetUp will benefit FoodBank of Delaware

Fun facts to follow.

You  subscribe to tweeple and this is called following.  Tweeple may subscribe to you and they are called followers.

Friday with #followfriday is a great day to explore twitter as tweeple recommend other tweeple to follow.

Rick Jensen interviewed two DE tweeters and is available on the tubes

Dave Burris is one of the most popular tweeters in Delaware with @DelawareBeaches.

Delaware Liberal bloggers active on tweeter are @liberalgeek, @UnstableIsotope, @jaymelrath and @nemski

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  1. jason330 says:

    Is it me or does Nemski sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

    “Bwa bwha bwa bwhambwah.”

  2. FSP says:

    Hey, speaking of which, you guys know you can automatically Tweet your DL posts to Twitter with Twitterfeed? I can’t tell if you have something doing that now or not. That’s how I have it set up for DP.

  3. nemski says:

    I’m waiting for Jason330 to coming ambling out of his house, shaking his fist and yelling, “Hey you darn kids, get off my lawn!”

  4. nemski says:

    FSP, from Jason’s comment, you can see what I am up against. Lordy, sometimes I think he’s half Amish.

  5. Kilroy is a good one to follow on Twitter. I think he’s at @KilroysDelaware.

  6. One thing that’s interesting about Twitter is that you know right away when something happens because all of a sudden you’ll start seeing a lot of messages. I find following Markos from Daily Kos useful (he retweets a lot – resends the most interesting tweets). I also follow the NYT and NPR.

  7. There’s at @xstryker as well.

    Hmmm….I’m only #38 in Delaware. 🙁

    You guys love nemski more than me. It’s o.k., I understand.

  8. anon says:

    How is the archiving and searching facility for tweets? In other words, is there a full-text search for anyone’s public tweets back as far as you want?

    Or do old tweets disappear into the memory hole like WDEL interviews and News Journal articles, providing cover for those who wish to avoid accountability?

  9. FSP says:

    Tweets are eternal. Even if you delete your own Tweet, it still gets archived.

  10. nemski says:

    I have gone back that far in my searches, but yes full-text search is available

    The other nice thing about Twitter is the number of applications people are writing that interface with Twitter.

    For instance on my computer I use Power Twitter (free) as an add-on to Firefox and I use Tweetie (small $ amount) on my iPhone.

  11. I use Twitterfox on my Firefox.

  12. RSmitty says:

    All I get out of this is Jason(330) is an effing Twit.

  13. cassandra_m says:

    TPM writes of how petulant Sen Grassley sounds when Twittering.

  14. RSmitty says:

    OK, I changed my profile to include Delaware. Now, though, I am pissed. I trail BHL by 20+ followers. Time to start hobnobbing and saying what people want to hear and then disappear.

  15. Yes, Cassandra. Twittering isn’t always a good thing for politicians. Grassley had to work on the weekend, the poor baby.