Breaking: Castle To Vote Against Economic Recovery

Filed in National by on February 13, 2009

Mike Castle will vote with the radical rightwing Republican leadership instead of representing his constituents in Delaware.

Politico breaks it down:

ZERO SUM GAME: House Republicans are trying to give Dems another goose egg in terms of GOP support on the final stimulus package. As Politico’s Patrick O’Connor reports: “There’s a lot of safety in zero. That, at least, is the message Republican leaders are taking to their wavering rank-and-file. House Republican made headlines – and won some much-need unity – when they denied President Barack Obama a single GOP vote on the House version of his economic recovery plan late last month. Few expect the same results when the House takes up the final version of a $789 billion package Friday; Republican members and aides were braced Thursday night for 10 to 15 defections.”

This is sickening. It is pure electoral gamesmanship and Mike Castle should be made to pay a high price for his treachery.

Call Castle today:  302 429-1902

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  1. anonone says:

    Call him and encourage this vote.

    The more Castle acts like a repub, the better chance we have for defeating him in his Senate run.

    His vote on this does not change the outcome of the vote, but if he votes against it, it helps expose what repub bobble head he really is.

    Think strategically, Jason.

  2. anon says:

    Epiphany: Castle is irrelevant.

  3. jason330 says:

    There is a buzz on the DelawareforObama boards that Castle has told some friends that he is retiring from public life after this term.

    Of course his votes that are beholden to the RNC do not square with that rumor.

  4. jason330 says:


    I give you points for stick-to-it-ivness – but I’ll pass on reading your wingut agitprop.

  5. Delaware Dem says:

    Idiot Protack strikes again. It was the Caterpillar CEO who lied.

  6. anonone says:

    try to sell his stimulus bill to a country that doesn’t want it

    See, that is why McCain and Palin won the election!

  7. jason330 says:

    You dumbass.

    Obama stated that the company President told him the company would hire back employees if the stimulus bill passed. Then the company President went back on that statement.

    How is that a lie?

    You know what. Don’t respond. Just fuck off with this bullshit.

  8. h. says:

    Everyone’s out to get the big O. They’ll even lie to bring him down.

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    Mike Protack is a pathological liar. You Delaware Republicans need to disown him and throw him out of the party if you are to retain any credibility. He just said the country doesn’t the stimulus plan, when poll after poll since January reveal majority support for the package. Indeed, popular support is increasing further since Obama went on his selling tour.

    So how is the statement that the country doesn’t want it not a bold face lie on the part of Mike Protack?

    Michael, do you like yourself when you lie? Does it make you feel good? Or is your pornstache so big that you can’t see the darkness you are creating in your soul?

  10. xstryker says:

    Apologies to Protack – he made a comment (just a “read this” comment) with a link and the formatting of it screwed up the display in my browser. I put the comment in moderation, and then went to edit the link format so it would display properly, and instead the entire comment disappeared.

    I’m just letting people know it was a formatting issue and an accident, not any kind of censorship on my part.

  11. nemski says:

    God, I hope he votes against it. Then I will count all 720 days of betrayal.

    : insert evil laugh here :

  12. Susan Regis Collins says:

    RE: Prozac “all style and no substance and his style APPEARS to be lies”

    No matter . The new President still beats the old one who WAS a (consumate) liar.

    Prozac personifies one w/o style or substance!

  13. Unstable Isotope says:

    The GOP won’t disown Protack because he is just repeating the GOP talking points. It’s interesting because I start seeing the GOP talking points going around and sure enough, a few hours later Protack has posted the same thing here.

  14. Jason O'Neill says:

    I think the CEO knows his business better than the President does. Another example how the President and Democrats think this “stimulus” bill will magically reverse the ills of the economy. It won’t.

    Economist still disagree this “stimulus” bill will work:

  15. jason330 says:

    Republican “Economist” are like Republican “Scientists.”

    They know how to please Big Daddy.

    Also – when you put two links in a comment it goes into moderation limbo.