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2008, A Great Year

Filed in National by on December 31, 2008 10 Comments

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Not News: Power’s Out In Pockets of NCCo

Filed in Delaware by on December 31, 2008 5 Comments

If you don’t have power, you can’t read this. If you have power, you don’t care.

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Some Resolutions You Can Use, South Dakota Style

Filed in National by on December 31, 2008 0 Comments

South Dakota Watch got started earlier on their New Year’s Resolutions, so early in fact that Todd Epp has written ten of them, Ten New Years Resolutions The Rest Of Us Can Use. My favorites are: 1. You know the way you are? Don’t be that way! Perhaps the greatest advice ever given from one […]

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Why A Certain Man Doesn’t Get Laid As Much As He Thinks He Should

Filed in National by on December 31, 2008 40 Comments

The eternal question now has an answer.  Go on, read Prager’s stellar insight into why women, and women alone, hold the power of a happy marriage… and are subsequently at fault when the marriage fails. Prager gives us 8 reasons – which he promptly discards as nonsense before instructing women to lie back and think […]

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“I don’t recall”

Filed in National by on December 31, 2008 5 Comments

So another “victim” is going to write a book. What can a guy write about that was under oath and over 100 times said he didn’t recall? What a joke. “for some reason, I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one […]

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New Castle County’s Good Bond Rating

Filed in Delaware by on December 31, 2008 8 Comments

The News Journal reports that even though the forecast is dire for New Castle County’s budget, the county has received a triple-A bond rating from three Wall Street rating firms. Isn’t this kind of like a wife-beater telling you that you are a good husband?

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Programming Note

Filed in Delaware by on December 30, 2008 2 Comments

Tomorrow morning (Dec 31st) at 11 AM, I will be on Delaware Talk Radio with Randy Nelson, Maria Evans and possible call-ins from Mike Matthews and Pandora.  We will be discussing the year 2008 and probably handing out a few awards for the year.  I believe that Randy will be awarding the coveted “Turd of […]

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Scrubs is back

Filed in Arts and Entertainment by on December 30, 2008 3 Comments

Scrubs is coming back but not on NBC, on ABC Jan 6th. I have no idea if they can keep their chemistry being over ABC. They aren’t exactly known for their comedies. But we shall see… In looking for a comparison to another good sitcom the characters on Scrubs remind me a lot of “Night […]

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Breaking News! Protest Marching in Philly

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 272 Comments

Right down 19th and Market street in Philly protesters in support of Palestine are marching down 19th Street!

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2008 Idiotic Commenters Review #2

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 19 Comments

I think we all know this guy was a shoe in: I bring you Mike W.  I hate to pick on a handicapped kid, but in the age of equality it is open season on this freak.  There are litterally hundreds of comments from this tool/troll.  1463 to be exact, and that doesn’t include the […]

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what you wont see on American TV

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 2 Comments

watch and learn an opposing view against Israel…but listen to the reporter express an obvious bias with her questions to the Palestian on the phone.

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Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 53 Comments

Should the United States really be taking Israel’s side during this Gaza situation?

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You find this true of most Republicans.

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 10 Comments

Former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski went on his daughter Mika’s show this morning and smacked down her co-host, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough. This clip concerns Brzezinski’s insight into the current crisis in Gaza, and at the end of the clip, Scar says to Brzez (I am tired of typing long names): “You […]

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Blago Appoints a Replacement.

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 9 Comments

Indicted and corrupt Gov. Rod Blagojevich has allegedly named former Illinois Atty. Gen. Roland Burris to replace President-elect Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate. Burris is 71 years old and is the first African American to be elected statewide in Illinois. Thus, it is likely Burris will be acting as a placeholder here. And it […]

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The SEU in 2008

Filed in Delaware by on December 30, 2008 11 Comments

It is useful to review where we have been with regard to the Sustainable Energy Utility.  This is an organization that was created out of thin air by Harris McDowell in 2006.  He the presided over an “interim” board that was to define the future of the SEU.  Senator McDowell was reticent to declare the […]

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Racism Advances Careers

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 8 Comments

…but only in the GOP. On Sunday, I noted that maybe the “R” really does stand for Racist. And it looks like I am proven right, by the none other than the GOP itself: The controversy surrounding a comedy CD distributed by Republican National Committee chair candidate Chip Saltsman has not torpedoed his bid and […]

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Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 8 Comments

This will be treated much like people that don’t mind being spied on if they aren’t doing anything wrong.  What’s the big deal they will ask?  It astounds me the lack of depth a person can have when it comes to understanding Free Will, Freedom in general and what liberties and rights our Constitution was […]

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Why change now?

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 6 Comments

In an effort to “prevent Palestinians from attacking towns in southern Israel” with rockets, Israel today undertook its third day of offensive military airstrikes in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, raising the death toll to more than 300. The Palestinian casualty numbers have been described as the highest over such a brief period since the […]

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Ending Corporate Personhood

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 33 Comments

From a Daily Kos Diary: An 1886 Supreme Court clerk’s headnotes misreading (Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad) applied the 14th Amendment to corporations, extending to them all the rights, but none of the responsibilities, of human persons. The result has been the steady erosion of our democracy since then, and the consequent rise […]

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Oberly, Jennings top candidates for Connolly replacement

Filed in National by on December 30, 2008 9 Comments

From the News Journal: Nearly everyone in the legal community points to former Delaware Attorney General Charles M. Oberly III as the front-runner [to replace U.S. Attorney Colm Connoly, who is resigning effective January 12th]. … “He’s been wanting the job; I assume he will get it,” [Attorney Joe] Hurley said. … Another name that […]

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The Next Republican Leader.

Filed in National by on December 29, 2008 9 Comments

In 1992, after President Bush had been defeated by Bill Clinton, and the Democrats controlled Congress, the mantle of national Republican leader naturally fell, by default, to the highest ranked Republican left in Washington. Senate Minority Bob Dole. Three years later, he was basically pushed aside by Speaker Newt Gingrich, even though Dole remained on […]

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I Hate Fox (and I’m Boycotting Wolverine)

Filed in National by on December 29, 2008 13 Comments

Fox is on track to delay the release of Watchmen. An attorney for 20th Century Fox said the studio will continue to seek an order delaying the release of “Watchmen.” U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess last week agreed with Fox that Warner Bros. had infringed its copyright by developing and shooting the superhero flick, […]

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United State of Pop 2008

Filed in National by on December 29, 2008 4 Comments

This is the top 25 pop songs of 2008 as mashed-up by DJ Earworm. Though I probably know less than half of the artists (I am getting old), this video is quite cool. Well worth the five minutes of your time.

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A Child is Born….

Filed in National by on December 29, 2008 20 Comments

…Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston yesterday. The young Tripp weighs in as a 7 lb., 4 oz. healthy baby boy. The baby’s father, Levi Johnston, is training to be an electrician, while his mother, Bristol, is taking correspondence courses to obtain her high school diploma. One of his […]

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Sleep Paralysis

Filed in National by on December 29, 2008 2 Comments

Another Anon pointed me in this direction Lying Awake was my short way of describing Sleep Paralysis.

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