DEwind: The Week That Was October 13th

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We had a lot of local coverage over the last week at Delaware Liberal, no doubt the most political coverage in Delaware blogs.

First on our local political coverage is our series of interviews with Delaware candidates:

On Friday, liberalgeek wrapped up the goings on about Workforce Housing. Please read as there are two important meetings regarding Workforce Housing this week.

Jason gives his overs/unders for many of the local election and slams Delaware’s MSM for falling for Bill Lee’s misleading press release.

Over the three weeks prior to election day, Delaware Liberal is taking a strong look at the candidacy of John Clatworthy for the State Senate District #4. We are wondering, no concerned, about Clatworthy’s socially conservative ideals that he has not be forthcoming about. You can read the following posts:

On Delaware Watch, Steven Crockett wrote a great post about Senator Biden and his concern for working families.

The Yetman family is still facing foreclosure. This family may yet be out on the streets if their mortgage company will not cooperate. It will not be because Senator Joe Biden did not intervene on their behalf. It will not be because Biden does not care. 

Dana writes about Karen Hartley-Nagel’s sad attempt for taking credit for Bluewater.

Speaking about getting called out on Bluewater, Charles Copeland tried to take credit and got called out by Tommywonk and kavips. Tommywonk writes:

Charlie Copeland is hoping that voters will somehow forget his prolonged opposition to the Bluewater Wind project, despite the record to the contrary. 

Kavips covers another political forum. I, for one, cannot wait until Nov. 4th. Here’s Kavips take on Bill Lee’s visit.

Markell couldn’t make it, another engagement previously arranged. But Bill Lee could….. almost… He staggered up to the podium, after putting a hand on Matt Denn’s sturdy shoulder to keep from falling in his lap. ( no, no, it wasn’t THAT… he tripped on the carpet! ) lol Lee is no Jack Markell. I got the impression Lee was like a prom date that said yes, knowing the outcome wasn’t going to be pretty. He’s a nice guy, but is not up to running a state.. We’ve had eight years of that.. (nice guy not up to running a state). He got some flack from one member of the audience for when he said “he didn’t care if he was running for governor” implying win or lose, it didn’t matter to him…”How can anyone take your run for office seriously, after hearing a statement like that?” Bill laughed it off.. :”it’s good for Delaware if I don’t care” he said… huh? (what he was trying to say was that someone who cared deeply would try dirty tricks to make sure they one, but not he, since he didn’t care, dirty tricks were not in his agenda… just bringing up Markell’s Nextel Lawsuit…) Bottom line, Republicans should have left both the governors and Lieutenant Governors spots blank this year, considering the damage those two candidate may do to their party… But watching it made me realize that in politics everyone is a nice guy… our job is to elect the smarter nice guy, or the nice guys who are selfless, instead of selfish…. 

Kilroy continues pimping Copeland for Lt. Governor here and here and here. More enjoyable was Kilroy’s piece about having dinner with Tyler Nixon.

Please welcome Lower Slower Delaware to the liberal Delaware fold.  Good luck fighting the fight. 

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  1. jason330 says:

    It was probably too late for this round up, but Kavips also has a good Katz v. Clathworthy post up.

  2. MJ says:

    Thanks for the plug. I hope my blog will be as interesting to your readers as yours.

  3. jason330 says:

    Awe sucks…I’m glad we have a go to person for the downstate stuff.

    As you’ve noted – we are very NCC centric.

  4. Joanne Christian says:

    And elitist too–huh Jason?!! (where’s that smiley thing?)

  5. jason330 says:

    A latte in every pot!

  6. cassandra m says:

    What is kilroy doing pimping for Copeland? It’s like he’s trying to outdo Norman Oliver over there.

    Congrats on your blog, MJ — I’ve added it to my reader so I don’t miss anything.

    Nice job, nemski!

  7. Nancy Willing says:

    Actually Geek didn’t do much at all about the story behind WFH. The only real reporting that has been done is over on Delaforum and there has been a detailed email thread circulating for over a week with all county reps, area state reps, planning board chair, activists and the lower NCC school administrator challenging each other on what is truth and fiction and how to move forward.
    I hope people come out to find out THE STORY.

    At least this links to RSmitty’s uncontested commentary that Coons’ lawyer speak is as full of baloney as per the course.

  8. delawaredem says:

    LOL. Oh Nancy, always so civil and polite and all knowing.

  9. RSmitty says:

    Using part of what Nancy said, she is absolutely correct about the comments I left on ‘Geek’s WFH post. The rampant use of the word ‘may’ in the County’s code allows tremendous wiggle room and can not be ignored.

  10. liberalgeek says:

    I defer to Nancy on the background for WFH. I know nothing more than the fact that Paul Clark is literally in bed with a developer.

    Once this election is over, I want to get an interview with Chuck Mulholland.

  11. Ryan Mc says:

    Not to nitpick, but the next time you interview Markell do it from a straight angle and not have him distracted the whole time from being in a noisy place. Otherwise good interview though.

  12. Nancy Willing says:

    I put some of the email exchange between Clark and the school super on the post on Clark above. And I sent some samples to LG.
    I do hope to see some of you out tomorrow night in Glasgow.

  13. liberalgeek says:

    Ryan – FWIW, the location of the interview changed 3 times (the last change made while two of us were already at the previous location). The setting was Jack’s selection. The other locations were conference rooms, which would have been more in line with your suggestion.

    Nancy – I’m going to try to get out there, but I have a work commitment beforehand.

  14. Joanne Christian says:

    LG-Smitty-Nancy–FYI-The state Teacher of the Year Banquet is tonite, and Appoquinimink is committed in attendance there w/ our fabulous candidate. We will be at the county sponsored meeting on Wednesday.

  15. RSmitty says:

    As of this moment, I am a “go” for tonight. After kavips gave me the billing, I can’t let the public down! 8)

  16. RSmitty says:

    Well, I’m letting my public down. Wife got a tutoring gig this evening, meaning I have to handle the kid-duty. Sorry, public! I look forward to a comprehensive rundown!

  17. Joanne Christian says:

    Oh great–tease them into a frenzy!!!

  18. R Smitty says:

    keeps ’em wanting more. shh…it’s my secret.

  19. liberalgeek says:

    I missed it too. In fact it is almost 11 and I am still working…

  20. R Smitty says:

    In fact it is almost 11 and I am still working…
    Ouch. That sounds funny, because with all the distractions I ALLOW myself to be affected by, my work taps me on the shoulder and says, “It is almost 11 and you still aren’t working.”

    Man, I need to take a break for my own good.

  21. liberalgeek says:

    I am tired and starving, the blog is my only sustenance.

  22. R Smitty says:

    So, how can we actually get paid for this?

  23. liberalgeek says:

    we have to harvest our snarkiness and sell it on the commodities market, next to pork bellies. Then when we produce too much, the govenment can subsidize us to be less snarky. simple.

    Hey, for fun, mouse over our blogroll…

  24. R Smitty says:

    I just saw that. Sweet! Good job, geek!