Markell: Everything Else We Could Think Of

Filed in Delaware by on October 15, 2008

This is the final part of our interview with Jack Markell.  We discuss Workforce Housing, goals of a Markell administration and his man-crush on Deval Patrick (I kid the Treasurer).  We hope you have enjoyed the series.


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  1. RSmitty says:

    I can’t listen at work, but in a summary, what was his take on the WFH?

    BTW, a neighbor of mine called Bell’s office on WFH in the area. An assistant called a few hours later (has anyone out there ever received a call back from Bell himself that involved a real issue and not just BS time???). This was part of the reply:
    It isn’t as bad as is being portrayed. Southern New Castle County is in need of affordable housing. The people in need of it can’t afford half-a-million dollar homes, such as your neighborhood.

    That was the response. Half-a-million dollar homes? WOW! Don’t I wish I had that! Fucking callous, bought-out, piece of shit.

    The statistics of the available housing inventory of under $270k in New Castle County numbers around TWO THOUSAND. Yet, they feel a need to build 2000+ affordable housing units in contained areas? The $270k number is what the county council itself provided as the value for affordable housing. Where in the hell are the NCCo programs helping them find this available housing which meets the county’s requirements for affordable housing? We are being completely compromised in the name of development projects.

    New (satirical) saying for land developers in NCCo: “Sell with Bell!”