Markell: On Success

Filed in Delaware by on October 9, 2008

Here is the next part of our interview with Jack Markell.  In this edition, we discuss how Jack will know if he was successful at the end of his term(s).  As an added bonus, we get to see the interruption of the interview by a supporter.  After this, we have one more section of the interview (where we discuss Workforce Housing among other things).


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  1. G Rex says:

    In this morning’s news: Sprint (Nextel) executives are the most overpaid in America.

    Happy Jack’s old pals paid out $74 million to top managers, and managed to lose $29 billion.


  2. nemski says:

    A little bitter G Rex?

  3. G Rex says:

    Not at all, but I do think Winston Cup had a better ring to it.

  4. Joanne Christian says:

    Ah Geez–why doesn’t he partner w/ Copeland? The entrepenurial zeal and effect would be exponential. But, I’m gonna line up all these candidates though and knock ’em upside the head w/ a board of education if I hear one more time of a Delaware school comparison w/ a PA. or NJ. district. We have some EXCEPTIONAL public schools in this state, and definitely adequate, all around. Delaware itself is hardest on their public schools–which is a good thing–we are always at the watch. What needs to be addressed is the bad P.R. that promulgated post busing–and the scrambling that ensued w/ white flight, and redistricting, and all those other little goodies. Quit feeding the rumors–and yes I’m speaking to HR people who tell prospective employees to buy over the line, or educate privately. This is 2008 not 1988! Accountability is here..and Delaware is answering to it as a LEADER in the nation–so get current–get the facts–get working–and get happy. Quit demoralizing an institution that has had to be resurrected, and demands sustainability.