UPDATED: Karen Hartley-Nagle Gets Good WDEL Drive Time Coverage

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UPDATE: Wow! Karen is working this thing. At 8:39 I heard a follow up in which she said something like:

Can you imagine going to a bank and asking for $700,000,000 and not telling them what you were going to do wit the money? That’s what…(etc)

I don’t want to botch it by misquoting her. It was that good.

It was a towfer this morning. Karen’s 7:01 AM clip jabbed Castle for both the bail out and how he operates above his constiuents.

VIDEO: Hartley-Nagle: Bailout handled badly
By Carl Kanefsky

The woman hoping to unseat Congressman Castle in November says she’s opposed to the financial bailout plan supported by Castle, and lots of voters are too.

Karen Hartley-Nagle says she wouldn’t have voted for the $700-billion plan, but more importantly, she would have asked Delawareans what they thought before casting her vote, and says she’s getting phone calls and e-mails from voters saying they didn’t get the chance to be heard.

She also says congress handled the vote all wrong…getting the money, and then working out the details of what to do with it. Video Here

Hartley-Nagle says Castle met with the business community to discuss the plan, but didn’t talk to the general public.

Good stuff.

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  1. RSmitty says:

    Question – with all of this criticism coming from her, has she given the plan she would have countered with? Seriously, we hear how it was all wrong, wrong, wrong, so, aside from having a public hearing for a plan she condemned from the start, what would be her “right” plan?

    It’s a fair question.

  2. Bob Costas says:

    baby steps

  3. jason330 says:

    Castle is still wrong wrong wrong. That is a red herring argument smitty.

  4. Unstable Isotope says:

    Good for her! I don’t think Hartley Nagel has to offer a plan – after all, she would just be one out of 435 representatives. She has every right to talk about Mike Castle’s actions while he’s been in office and how she’ll be different.

  5. anon says:

    The question is, whay aren’t the democrats supporting her? Moreover, why is the party undermining her? Does KHN not fit in their plans? Do they have someone they would rather have in office who will tow the company line and cater to special interests and the unions? Chris Coons, Karen Peterson or John Carney? Minner? Had teh democrats gotten behind KHN, she might have had a chance. I guess they know better. Might be worth mentioning that the News Journal FINALLY did a story on her today. What are they afraid of?

  6. nemski says:

    No the question is, why does anon know nothing about Delaware politics?

  7. jason330 says:

    Jeez. Where to begin?

    Moreover, why is the party undermining her?

    How so?

    Do they have someone they would rather have in office who will tow the company line and cater to special interests and the unions? Chris Coons, Karen Peterson or John Carney? Minner?

    I guess not because none of the those peopel ran – and all of them would be kicking Castle’s ass right now.

    Might be worth mentioning that the News Journal FINALLY did a story on her today. What are they afraid of?

    Not to defend the news journal, but Karen seems to be turning things around now. Her campaign was moribund a few weeks ago.

  8. Geezer says:

    Yep. Nine people showed up yesterday, counting her three workers.

    And sorry, Jason, but it’s a fair question to ask her what she’s talking about, because I don’t think she knows. KHN’s understanding of the nation’s problems makes Sarah Palin look like Hillary Clinton.

  9. RSmitty says:

    To be honest, I am in the postion that I don’t think one person in politics (currently in office or seeking office or once-held-office) knows WTF to do about the banking crisis, let alone the $700 gazillion trillion billion. HOWEVER, if you’re going to preach that someone is wholly wrong from beginning-to-end, then tell me why he’s wrong and what would be right. That hasn’t happened. It’s basic opposition-research. In other words, Castle did “this,” so what would KHN “do?” So far, we know she’d take it to the people. What else would be part of her plan?

    I do think that’s a fair question. It’s not partisan at all.

  10. Unstable Isotope says:

    Smitty, I agree that she needs to define how she would vote differently, perhaps an alternate plan. Keeping Castle on the defense is a good strategy.

    The trouble I’ve had with KHN is I really wanted to see something from her that says she wants to win. I had not seen that until recently.

  11. Joanne Christian says:

    RSmitty–Good point–and not to give Jason chest pain, but Castle does give superb constituent service, who DOES listen to his Delaware crowd–so I am blown away by the accusation of no discussion w/ the general public. Sorry, if his aides don’t count for some of you-while he’s trying to gather deeper information more fully–in the business of dealing with this mess. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED on the vote, and against it..but to say “not listening to the public” is harsh in light of his service and presence in our community. Nope, he didn’t listen to me this time…, or rather ACT the way I wanted–it was a crap shoot whichever way he voted (I just didn’t want to fund it), but he had to make the hard call, on a difficult decision. So yes now all the “snake oil”, and “magic bullets”, can appear; and even Hef w/ his magic purple pill in only a white lab coat and stethescope–but the fact remains–it was a cruddy situation for anyone to vote on; and it will be the longest week of Monday morning quarterbacks. I am not, nor have ever been on board w/ the decision..but Mike Castle does listen. Pop another nitro Jason..And this is a cheap prop in her corner.

  12. cassandra m says:

    I don’t think that Castle answers questions from his constituents especially well — at least not the questions this constituent asks — and I gather that the only way to talk to the guy is to get an invite to one of these Town Halls. I’ve asked alot of folks if they’ve ever been asked to one of these Town Halls and no one that I’ve asked (this is not scientific) has been invited and nor have they ever been to one. Certainly not the behavior of someone who is listening or who is especially accountable (except, perhaps, to a select audience), if you ask me.

  13. Joanne Christian says:

    I’ve never been to a Town Hall either. But he has on invitation with NCLB going on spoken, commented, questioned, noted, and been enlightened on issues on Delaware education in regards to NCLB structure, and has been responsive to the concerns. He has also taken input and comment on children’s Medicaid and CHIPS program, and the Delaware fall-out very head on in discussions/meetings/breakfasts he has come out for (usually under New Castle County School Boards Association). I think his response has been timely, engaged, and thoughtful for the most part. But this bailout is a whole ‘nother animal.

  14. cassandra m says:

    So he only comes out to speak on education issues? Strange. There are plenty of others that he is certainly asked his position on and it is odd that someone who needs to be re-elected every two years is that cloistered.

  15. Geezer says:

    “I really wanted to see something from her that says she wants to win.”

    Sarah Palin WANTS to win. Like KHN, she’s not qualified to serve. Which makes wanting to win a liability, not a virtue.

    And yes, O’Donnell qualifies under this, too. My point is that it doesn’t really matter what party or positions a candidate has — an ability to do the job is a prerequisite.

  16. Joanne Christian says:

    c’mon cassandra, that’s a misrepresented point–those were the crossover times of meeting w/ him. I’m sure many others in other areas of interest/concern/passion have also had the accessibility.

  17. anon says:

    Just checked. KHN did have a plan. Her plan came out before Castle’s vote. Check her website at http://www.hartley-nagle.com

  18. RSmitty says:

    Her plan came out before Castle’s vote
    How do we know that and why does she refer to it in the past tense?

    Otherwise, thank you. I didn’t see that link before.