Tom Carper Really Is A Mafia-esque Killer

Filed in National by on June 20, 2008

A funny thing happened at a cocktail party I recently attended. Someone came to me and said, “You know those posts you do where you make Tom Carper out to be a cold blooded killer?”

First of all I was flattered that an anon DelawareLiberal reader knew me, then I said, “Yes.” (Because I like writing in the voice of Carper as a kind of political sociopath because is runs contrary to his public image.)

“Well” said this person, “They are very close to the truth. Carper would take you head off without thinking about it. He is a stone cold killer.”

“Then I guess I should ix-nay on the okes-jay.” I said.

“Yes.” he/she said gravely. “You should be very careful.”

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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. RAY K> says:

    Tom carper is a blue dog democrat, like all members of this species he thinks republican , votes republican, and cotows to big money like a republican, and is no doubt harmless. Perhaps his telling a sixth grade class in odessa to shutup qualifys him as a bully, but I would worry more about his voting record than his inclinationj to violence.

  2. Ryan Mc. says:

    You’d certainly bring some traffic to DELiberal if Carper put a hit out on you

  3. the guy doesn’t scare me at all. just step on his bad foot and run. besides even if you didn’t see him sneaking up behind, you would certainly hear the old bastard weazing

  4. Mr. Keating says:

    Ray-k…. It was a Townsend school , not an Odessa one….. ” Shut up”!!
    – No one remembers when Carper was the chairman of the House Banking Committee back when he was a congressman. The NJ never wrote about it. Under his watch the Savings and Loan scandal happened which cost us billions …

  5. Jason330 says:

    He is a disaster. The notion of Carper ever facing a decent primary challenge is pure fantasy.

    Oh wel…Too the GOP is on its knees for the next 25 years.

    Copeland vs. Carper down the road would make for some interesting kabuki theater.

    “I’m more in the pocket of big business…”

    “No! I am!”

  6. kavips says:

    (lol) I hope you took advantage of the opportunity to send a message back which says: “Your supposed to vote for the people, damn it, not against them” ?

  7. anon3 says:

    some of us remembering him beating his first wife, In fact a democrat player now long gone, lived next door to him/first wife. She often babysat and stated on many occasions, “he beats the hell out of his wife”.

    Carper is worse than a blue dog, he is a neo con in democrat blue dog clothes. Lets all remember the credit card companies scamming us, his votes on banruptcy “assuring them”, they would never be including in bankruptcy protection.

    We need to find a true democrat to run against him in the next election, right after we finish off McCastle.

  8. Nancy Willing says:

    Carper probably has a red phone linking right to Pete duPont.

  9. liz allen says:

    Nancy, how true! and every other big corporation in corporate Delaware. You know I have always pushed for John Flagherty to run, it wouldnt cost him as much for a campaign, and we know he really is “honest John, never to sell us out”.

    As the repukes push their neo cons over board and take back their party, the democrats need to follow suit. I loved Obama letter out to electeds telling, “do not take corporate lobbyists contributions”….if they would all just do that, or vote for Campaign Finance Reform here in Delaware, perhaps then we could rid our entire state government and our congress/senate from the clutches of the “corporate elite in the corporate State”.

    Dr. Floyd McDowell (IPOD) has a great campaign finance reform bill which was backed by 28 state wide coalitions….not one sitting house or senate member has even offered to support it. That is the political culture of the incumbents protecting each other, against we the people.

  10. Art Downs says:

    Carper has shown some common sense on nucler power and I suppose that makes him a monster in the eyes of the Green Meanies..

    This is the mindset that makes Mike Castle Representative for life and then some.

    What passes for the leadership of the State GOP thanks you.

  11. No Name for Privacy says:

    I think you might have your ‘dogs’ mixed up….isn’t Torturin’ Tom a yellow dog dem??

    Blue dog, Yellow dog, old dog, sick dog, nasty dog, mean dog, yapping dog………….

  12. liz allen says:

    ART: did you republicans magically find a place to “store the nuclear waste”. Yucca Mountain is closed and probably will never be opened…next.

  13. jason330 says:

    liz –

    Republicans think that nukes are cheap because of all the government money available nowadays.

    It is Republi-nomics. “Taxes are evil unless they are used to prop up some industry in which I am employed. “

  14. Cobra says:

    Word has it that Tom Carper, the supposed Democrat, has already brokered a deal with John Daniello and Jim Paoli to give Mike Castle another 2 years in office. Further, the hand picked candidate in 2010 is Chris Coons, longtime buddy of Paoli. Paoli’s brother received a gratuitous position with New Castle County under the Coons Administration. Coons expects to beat Gordon in the primary race and run for Castle’s seat in 2010 and have a job leftover if he fails in his bid for Congress.

    The two party system is a joke and so is Carper, Coons, Daniello and Paoli.

  15. Nancy Willing says:

    Chris Coons also supposedly runs/ran his campaign out of Paoli’s house and that Gerry Fulcher lives there rent-free because he was too hot to hand a job to, like the one that Coons’ gave to Julius Cephas. Oh wait, that wasn’t even a job. Coons cut Cephas two checks just $5 under the council’s $50 thousand dollar scrutiny threshold to total $90 thousand of our tax dollars to pay for ‘being Coons’ eyes and ears in Wilmington’s black community.
    The long list of perks, tax-payer funded perks that went to Coons’ political operatives is what lost him the AFSME endorsement.
    One day, I was looking through a LaGrange FOIA’d document in the land use department when a staffer discussed this with me.
    The county employees see no-show jobs with the fat salaries and the pension bump that gives Coons’ crony’s more retirement from a few years in the county than most of the staff can expect after an entire career. (think Singleton, Pryzwara, Farley).

  16. Art Downs says:

    ART: did you republicans magically find a place to “store the nuclear waste”. Yucca Mountain is closed and probably will never be opened…next.

    France has doen a great job recycling fuel.

    A lot of ‘nuclear waste’ is not from power plants but from hysterical folks in government playing fear-monger and concentrating low-level radioactive material in big piles.

    When luminous dials on meters on old military equipment are removed out of fear alone and stored with similar items in containers, what purpose does it solve? Bureaucrats are great at turning a non-problem into a problem.

  17. jason330 says:

    This is not credible.

    Word has it that Tom Carper, the supposed Democrat, has already brokered a deal with John Daniello and Jim Paoli to give Mike Castle another 2 years in office.

    Becuause there is no need for them to have “brokered a deal” when Carper has his cards on the table RE: Castle. Carper & Castle Inc, is a partnership. End of story.

    The addition two years are not Paloi or Daniello’s to give. If Carper and father time enter into a deal to take out Castle let me know.

    As for the rest about Coons etc.

    You have a vivid imagination. But for the record. Coons would be great in Congress.

  18. liberalgeek says:

    Hey Art – you should really update your information on Nukes in France. They are not nearly as problem free as you would have us believe.

    And didn’t you feel dirty when you used France to prove your point?

  19. cassandra m says:

    Art would need to actually have some information to get to the updating thing…

  20. Cobra says:

    Jason, this is credible. You even point out the partnership between Carper and Castle. The role of Paoli, a strident Coons supporter and Daniello is to block any opponent to Castle, in any way they can in this election cycle thus keeping Castle in office for 2 more years.

    My vivid imagination stands on facts fyi!