Is America Ready to Vote for an Indian-American?

Filed in National by on May 22, 2008

John McCain is interviewing potential Veeps this weekend and one of the possibilities is Bobby Jindal.  Jindal is a 2nd generation Indian-American.  Let me say that the title is a bit of a joke, because we are looking at an African-American, an Indian-American, a woman and the oldest man to be elected President for the top spots in America.  His politics be damned, this is a cool election cycle.

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  1. Brian says:

    Sure; as long as they do not make the mistake of voting for the fascist John McCain.

  2. Liz says:

    I completely agree with the post and the comment. But I love to see the bar being set in the direction of pandering to our most superficially liberal impulses!! I am not even being sarcastic.

    I actually think the Repubs have done a better job of representing diversity in leadership (shoot me!), even if said leaders represent diversity in an often hollow or seemingly self-hating manner.

  3. David says:

    It is great.

  4. G Rex says:

    Good deal, but why the compulsion to take elected officials out of their hard-earned positions to be your supernumerary? Louisiana needs Jindall more than McCain does, so why not look for a guy not currently holding an office? Top of my short list would be Michael Steele, and not because he’s a black guy – that’s just a bonus. How cool would it be to have a President Steele? That’s just so tough- sounding! Not that I’m expecting McCain to die in office, but he’s old.

    Oh, and Charlie Crist’s tan freaks me out. Too George Hamilton.