I would like to the first at Delaware liberal to take a step back from the HRC bashing

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Feel free to call this a “Dellib Watershed” Moment.  We here at Delaware lib have had a few of them.  When Delaware’s hottest blogger was added to the fray,  The Veterans Day Post, the 9/11 historic Post, live blogging on Feb 5th in Delaware.  We have had moments where the mold was broken.

I however would like to apologize to any HRC supporters we have turned off.  I am the first to admit when I’m wrong in my house (usually b/c I am, but that doesn’t matter here).  What turned me on about being a Delaware Liberal reader was that Jason Kept it real  I have no regrets at all regarding my Veterans Day post.  Quite honestly I surprised it took so long for Cheney to say what I said this administration felt all along.  Jason’s 9/11 post was dead on and I’m proud to be a part of this type of in your face, like it or hate it style of commentary.

What I realized though not too long ago was we are becoming an Obama sounding board.  What really brought it to the front of my eyes was on March 17th.  That day I sent out an email to a local chef that worked a wine tasting event for the Brandywine tasting group PRO BONO.  I offered to give the gentleman a shout out here on the blog.  He donated quite a bit of his time and money for this event and I felt a little free advertising would be just the thing for this guy. 

First thought I asked him to look at the site and tell me if he wanted the shout out.  He looked and got back to me and said, “Thanks man, but Obama scares the hell out of me”

So, like the Breaking News piece I did a week or so ago, that reminded everyone that Obama is at his core still a politician I for one will try to real in myself and take a balanced look at both candidates.  I will try to no longer be all ga-ga over BHO and bash HRC.  In the end I still think that they will both be better than any GOP candidate.  They are however politicians and I for one will not give anyone a free pass anymore just because I don’t like their opponent. 

It is not fair to my readers, to our readers, To Delaware any longer.  I apologize for not being fair and balanced. 

So the other item that prompted me to write this piece was this:

Asked if there was a scenario in which she would drop out before the last primaries on June 3, Clinton said no. “I am committed to competing everywhere that there is an election,” she said.

Why did this particular line strike me? Because if Al Gore had done the same thing 8 years ago, where would be. I don’t want someone to roll over. I admire this in a way. Is strikinlgy bush-like? Maybe, but if you look at the flip side it shows something else that maybe as an Obama supporter or a Clinton hater we have missed.

Now if she has NO chance to win and continues to do this then perhaps I will sing another tune. But, again in closing I am not going to sacrifice who I try to be by not attacking everyone with the same piss and vinegar that I normally reserve for the right.

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  1. Brian says:

    Democrats unite. That is what Dean says. That sounds good. Now let’s hope they stop bashing each other.

  2. jason330 says:

    She has no chance. Eff this post. Step into my office….

    Your fired.

  3. jason330 says:

    I kid of course.

  4. GopJustin says:

    Opperation chaos!!! All you libs better watchout we are fighting back, and we are going to do it just as dirty as you libs do. Now pay attention to what happens to your canadits over the next 3 to 6 months! It is going to be great!!!

  5. anon says:

    People who don’t read lefty blogs don’t understand how far behind Hillary is. The MSM is still portraying this as a 50-50 fight.

    Come on man, go get the interview. Why is your chef friend is scared by Obama? Is it:

    Because Obama is black?
    Because Obama will raise taxes for his rich restaurant patrons?
    Because he thinks Obama is going to raise his own taxes?
    Because he Obama will invite hordes of marauding to Muslims to force our women to wear burkas?

  6. cassandra_m says:

    Perhaps this counts as HRC bashing, but it seems to me that if HRC had been committed to “competing everywhere there is an election”, she would have abandoned her “inevitability” campaign well before Super Tuesday. The real crux of HRC’s problem is she was running Al Gore’s campaign — 50+1 incumbent style. Obama has been running hard just everywhere, including those places where no Dem is likely to garner many electoral votes come November.

    You can certainly argue with the odds they’ve given her (and this meter thing is something of lark by these Slate people), but this is a reasonable rundown of the current view of the delegate board.

    But you’ve certainly put forth an honorable position, DV.

  7. jason330 says:

    The 12% is a little worse for Clinton than the bettors are giving her. She is trading around 25% in most markets.

    As far as the 50+1 strategy, I think we are on the same page on that one.

  8. jason330 says:

    Wow. I spoke too soon. Clinton futures are down to $0.126

    So I guess we know where Slate is getting its 12%

  9. A. Bundy says:

    First of all, I think you should try editing your writing. It will make you seem slightly less idiotic.

    I am glad you are so proud of “this type of in your face” blogging. So proud that you remain anonymous!…you must be VERY proud.

    Let me ask all of you who contribute to this site two questions:

    1. If WE truly are responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent Iraqis (the 9/11 Post that you are so proud of), and we should feel so terribly for it, why then are you liberal champions constantly out partying and drinking (see 3/27 Post and comments about Drinking)!? Shouldn’t you be devastatingly sad and remorseful and out trying to make the world a better place? (and no, this pathetic, insignificant blog doesn’t count) If YOU REALLY feel that you are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, how can you joke and drink and act like everything is fine? I know if I felt I was responsible I would be a mess! Is it because you never really felt responsible at all and you were just trying to be shocking and “in your face?” Or, is it because deep down you are not liberals or progressives at all and you are unsympathetic, murderous pigs (like the ones you constantly chastise on this dump of a blog)? Either way, the way that I see it, you are a bunch of hypocrites!

    Second, who is leading in superdelegates again? I can’t remember. Would one of you please remind me?

  10. donviti says:

    on the contrary, I hardly remain anonymous sparky

  11. disbelief says:

    Do you guys realize that once the anonymous whackos start responding on your site that its a sure indication that you’ve ‘made it’? Congratulations! Let’s go get drunk!!!

  12. jason330 says:

    I think I struck a nerve when I wrote that one of the tings I loved about drinking liberally was that there was no such thing as “Drinking Conservatively”.

    As for the editing. Here is an idea. Why not start you own blog Sister? You can call it:


  13. disbelief says:

    Why isn’t she out crying in front of an abortion clinic?

  14. The winds of same are blowing I guess.
    There is a general pushback against cornering Clinton too soon. She still has supportersin low and high places.
    At the Eschacon conference yesterday, a ‘rough’ patch was weathered when a panelist dissed her.
    The evening entertainment included Rude Pundit who was ready to do a Hillary skit with a blow-up doll and changed it over to Ann Coulter on the advice of a few peace keepers.
    And people on that blog were noticing ‘strongly’ last week that Olberman was piling on Clinton and were sick of his steady Obama fest. So, KO now has a KOS diary
    where he promises to keep the keel even.
    The feeling is: Please Lllet’s Just Go After McCain.

  15. jason330 says:

    Hey Nancy –

    How was the dirty hippie fest? [An aside: I kid of course. Duncan Black tried like hell to point out seven years ago that people who were against the war were no so much dirty hippies as they were people with common sense who knew Bush was lying. To no avail really. Whenever anti-war voices were covered by the media back then it was never without mentioning that they were dirty hippies who did not “get” the GWOT.]

    I’m looking forward to your observations.

  16. liberalgeek says:

    Donviti – you may consider yourself the 2nd DL writer that has called for some tempering of our rhetoric. You are forgiven.
    As for A.Bundy, we will continue to drink and party if only to show America that things can be better. I am certain that the founding fathers did not cease laughing, drinking and celebrating small victories. Nor will we.
    The question is not how can we drink, but how could we possibly stay sober with the damage that GWB has done to this country?

  17. donviti says:

    dang! sloppy seconds!

  18. June says:

    I ask the same question as Anon. If anyone I knew said “Obama scares the hell out of me” I’d want to know WHY. Did you ask him?

  19. Brian says:

    Tell the Obama people to take Webb as a running mate and the deal is sealed. Same for HRC.

  20. anon says:

    No thanks on Webb; we can find a better tough guy to back up Obama.

    Webb voted for telcom immunity, and his rationale was something like he “would not deny the Administration any tool to fight terrorism.”

    Also I don’t want a special election for Webb’s seat on a Presidential election day, it might very well flip Republican.

  21. anon says:

    well I guess the election for Webb’s seat would happen later but you get the point.

  22. donviti says:


    I didn’t ask, but that wasn’t the sole reason I tried to come to this conclusion, no matter if it wasn’t written good enough for Ass Bundy.

    I think what it said to me more was that Delaware liberal = Obama and that’s not what I think we are about.

  23. Brian says:

    Hi Anon. I disagree.

    You know that vote was a sham. Reid and Carper did the same to placate Bush until we take over. Anyway, I do not have his record here so I can’t say for sure, but I’ll be sure to ask about that.

    The strategy runs like this: Give Bush (and other big government right wingers) all that is asked for to piss the people off.

    We have been doing that since Jackson was the president.

    Don’t worry Webb’s seat will go to another reformed democrat.

    If you ask nicely you can be sure it goes to a libertarian democrat…..who will really stir things up….But then the DLC will not be happy will it?

    I am sure there is a good DLC approved dem down there and you know as well as I do that over half of the republicans from VA DO NOT agree with the administration at all. Hell- Virgil Goode is flipping out every single time a new piece of new legislation comes out, you ever seen that guy freak out?

    The republicans in VA are not nearly as happy with the administration as some would lead you to beleive. If you are an insider, go ask Goode. He can tell you. You might even get them to canabalize McCain…..yes, they are that upset.

    I think Webb is the strongman for Obama or HRC par excellance.

    What are you worried about- that if we take over it will be like it was last time the VA and DE delegates took power?

    It won’t. I know peace, and a return of America’s dignity in the world and reputation scares some people. But it is time for that to occur.

    This Dyncorp and Halliburton drama needs to stop, it is like American Idol. And you know as well as I do who is running that show and it ain’t Dean.

    That brings me to point two, the only other really acceptable VP would be Joe Biden to let Delaware take back its natural position as the first state and best foreign affairs diplomats in the world.

    Richardson is not the right guy for the job. If Obama or HRC picks him it is a done deal for McCain. Those Republicans have the dirt on that guy. And I suspect you know it.

    Edwards would have been fine, but he is not DLC approved is he?

    He could run with Bloomberg, but that would suck and half the base would reject it. We know what a fascist Bloomberg is.

    He could take another (I) but he needs someone with gravitas. Or he and HRC could do it, but that is going to be tough….and it is not likely. You know the DLC picked them just for this American idol stuff.

    What we need to focus on is crushing Nader so we do not lose votes to that bozo from the far left. I think an (I) or one of those big-government-suck-the-life-out-of-the-people R guys is paying him to run- again. Now that is what needs to be addressed pronto.

    So who am I missing? In the end, Webb or Biden would be a great VP.

    If Biden was VP Delaware would be rocking, and you would get to see how real diplomacy works. If Webb is there you get a tough guy that republicans will really like.

    Any other suggestions and who do you suggest?

  24. Webb voted for telcom immunity, and his rationale was something like he “would not deny the Administration any tool to fight terrorism.”
    AGREED and Webb voted for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment (with Clinton and Carper) to allow the president to attack IRAN).
    I like Webb but he is a past GOP member.

    Jason, Eschacon was sublime! I will be posting on it soon, still absorbing.