Who Owns Dave Burris?

Filed in National by on March 27, 2008

I ask that question in all seriousness because loosing him to Delmarva Power is a significant blow to the cause of off shore Wind Power. Dave was an early and forceful advocate for the project but he is more than MIA – he is shill for the other side now, passing along their transparently bogus red herrings.

So who is he working for?

It could be Charlie Copeland of course. Dave seem to have hitched his star to Copeland’s Welsh Cob Carriage. for some reason.

McDowell and DeLuca appear to own Copeland* so they seem to be getting a twofer.

Or maybe is fellow registered lobbyist John Burris. Registered lobbyist John Burris has some high end clients – maybe they are getting a twofer?

Anyway it is as interesting as it is sad. Dave seemed to be a new kind of Republican. So much for that.

[*About Copeland being owned by Deluca and McDowell, it is curious isn’t it? I mean do they have something on him or what? What does Copeland get out of covering for the hated Senate Democrats? It is all very odd.]

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  1. anon says:

    Oh come on, you know how this works in Delaware. The payoff for a lifetime of “pro-business” positions doesn’t come until the end of your political career, not in the middle. For now you just have to imagine the paper bag full of money changing hands.

  2. Dana Garrett says:

    Why do you think Burris changed his position? What did I miss?

  3. jason330 says:

    His silence does speak volumnes. But there is tanglible evidence of his having switched sides.

    In comment threads he has taken to rushing to the defense of Delmarva’s position that “companies should not be forced to do business with other companies” which is patently ridiculous and reductive in the extreme.

  4. FSP says:

    Apparently I have to scream loudly and compete for attention with the very capable kavips and Tom to prove to Jason that I own myself.

    Please. If you keep this line of comment up, it will certainly blow up in your face in the very near future.

    As a rule, for-profit companies should not be forced to do business with other for-profit companies, and this sets a terrible precedent. But that ship sailed a long time ago in this case. The forced contract is the law. And Delmarva Power never complained until things didn’t go their way.

    I’ll remind you that my first wind post was made on August 26, 2006. I stand by my original statement (made long before BWW was cool to talk about):

    “Here’s the deal folks. All things being equal, when we get the chance to be the first at something, we need to take it. The effects go beyond the fact that it’s the right thing to do environmentally. It says to businesses thinking about coming to Delaware that we are on the cutting edge, and that means a lot to those innovative companies who want to come in and bring high-paying jobs.

    I know who reads this blog, and I’m telling you — TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY.”

  5. FSP says:

    By the way, you’ve never met my wife, or you wouldn’t have to ask the question in the title.

  6. kavips says:

    Well said, Dave, on both accounts……

    But Jason had a point on the “silence” angle.

    Tell the Ms’s to let you talk a little more about wind, since obviously she is the one you answer to.”:)

    As it should be.

  7. TommyWonk says:

    Rather than speculate, you can check out who lobbies for whom:


  8. jason330 says:

    Dear Registered Lobbysist –

    It has always beencool to be for wind power. In fact I seem to remember a Republican who was into renewable energy befor anyone was even talking about it.

    What was that guys name? Taylor…? Something.

  9. FSP says:

    “Dear Registered Lobbysist -”

    You mean “Registered Good-Government Lobbyist who lobbies for a non-profit political action committee,” right?

  10. Dana Garrett says:

    “If you keep this line of comment up, it will certainly blow up in your face in the very near future.”

    Hmmmmm…. Very cryptic statement? Wonder what this is about?

  11. jason330 says:

    Maybe Dave “registered lobbyist” Burris is going to reveal himself to be a big wind power champion in the near future – in the same way Charlie Copeland revealed himself to be a big “open goverment” champion.

  12. FSP says:

    I don’t need to reveal myself to be a “big wind power champion.” I’ve already done that. Why is it again that I need to compete with kavips and Tom?