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More News Journal Deathwatch News

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This Johnathan Alterman peice in the New Yorker (h/t atrios) really captures the full story of the News Journal’s demise. Speaking of Delaware’s paper of record, has anyone seen what an eff’ed up mess the “improved” New Journal Web site is? It looks like it was designed by someone who has never actually seen a […]

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Clarification: On Being Prepared To Fight

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I think the public record tells you everything you need to know about Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, and Charlie Copeland. What the public record can’t tell us is what the outcome of this hijacked HB6 process is going to be.  I mean, who knows?  Tony DeLuca might remember his union brothers and all the jobs […]

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Progressive Democrats for Delaware Prepare For Lawsuit to Advance Offshore Wind

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Dover, DE, March 31, 2008 — In an effort to ensure that Delaware’s proposed offshore wind power project, which was recommended by the Public Service Commission back in December, is not derailed and ultimately killed by backroom deal making, Progressive Democrats for Delaware announces the formation of a Litigation Advisory Committee to plan for future […]

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People Love me! People really, really, really love me!

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Bush booed loudly while throwing out first pitch in Nationals home opener.» President Bush delivered the first pitch tonight at the new Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. to a resounding chorus of boos. After being announced, Bush was showered by boos as he strode to the mound. Even after Bush delivered the pitch, the jeering […]

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Trickle down economics works

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I had to turn off ABC’s Extremely sad Home Make Over last night.  It makes me angry to think that in this state, in this city which I work, people are that destitute.  A 70 year old woman sleeps downstairs with plastic sheets hanging over hallways to keep the cold out.  Sad, pathetic and all […]

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Here is A Democrat I Will Not be Voting For

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Democratic Insurance Commissioner candidate Gene Reed, Jr. Gene Reed is the bought and paid for property of Regulatory Insurance Services, Inc. (RIS); a corporation that “has made millions from auditing Delaware insurance companies for the Department of Insurance.” This is pretty much slam dunk blogging by Mike Mathews. Just look at all those $1,200 donations […]

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Housing Crisis Claims First Political Victim

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HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson is expected to resign today.  Apparently, his poor relationship with Democrats was standing in the way of progress.  He had also been involved in some shady politics involving a developer friend of his in Philly. He is expected to announce his resignation at a press conference later today.

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UPDATED: Don’t forget to Watch ABC

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Extreme Home Makeover the Wilmington Edition is on tonight was just on. Nice family. Very deserving of their good fortune. Cheers to you ABC. Most reality shows exploit people – at least this one the exploited people get something out of it.   

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Charlie Copeland Has About 20 Hours To Run As Far Away From Harris McDowell As He Can

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I hate to be mysterious, but the time is not ripe. One thing I will say, Copeland has Jeremy Firestone and Will Kempton snowed. He does not have me snowed though.

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I would like to the first at Delaware liberal to take a step back from the HRC bashing

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Feel free to call this a “Dellib Watershed” Moment.  We here at Delaware lib have had a few of them.  When Delaware’s hottest blogger was added to the fray,  The Veterans Day Post, the 9/11 historic Post, live blogging on Feb 5th in Delaware.  We have had moments where the mold was broken. I however […]

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A Video worth watching again

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[youtube][/youtube] or this one too: [youtube][/youtube]

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Realtors Are Liars

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The ones pushing this “2.9% increase in home sales” story are anyway. As it turns out that is +2.9% February 08 vs. January 08. In fact, sales are down 1.9% February 08 vs. February 07. Who buys a house in January? Of course sales would go up Feb vs Jan.

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Nice Blue Water Wind Event

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The NJ notes that KHN was on hand but no Mike Castle. (Say…why doesn’t he get off his ass and do something?) Anyway, I didn’t get the memo. Link Correction: Castle has done something. In December of 2007 he said that wind power would be kinda cool and for Castle words speak much louder than […]

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