Obama Campaign Opens Delaware Office

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On Saturday the Obama campaign officially opened its headquarters office in Wilmington. The office is at 1201 N. Orange Street, Suite 900. Among the 70 supporters at the office opening were: Wilmington Mayor James Baker; Lieutenant Governor John Carney; Insurance Commissioner Matthew Denn; State Rep. Val Longhurst; and Wilmington City Council Members Samuel Prado and Stephanie Bolden. After a rousing speech by Mayor Baker, our state director Brandon Hurlbut conducted a training session on canvassing, and a hearty group of volunteers headed off to knock on doors. Earlier today, a similar group of canvassers met in Dover to pound the pavement for Barack. Watch this space for more updates from the Delaware campaign staff, and if you’d like volunteer, just stop our office or call – 302-573-2540.

Please God make the Obama campaign better than the Gore and Kerry campaigns.

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  1. liz allen says:

    Obama about change is hysterical! His foreign affairs advisor: Zbigniew Brezenski! His middle east affairs advisor: Dennis Ross…the zionist who said, “its okay to subordinate Palestinan rights for Israel”. Anthony Lake who led the invasion on Haiti….don’t any of these supporters of any of these candidates look at who their advisors are….or don’t you care. You can hope for change, change is a nice word, but change will only come when you have the intelligence to surround yourself with people outside the corporate war mongering box, who actually could bring about CHANGE.

  2. jason330 says:

    As far as defense secretaries go, Brezenski was no Cheney or Rumsfeld.

  3. Dana Garrett says:

    “As far as defense secretaries go, Brezenski was no Cheney or Rumsfeld.”

    He was the mastermind for using the Islamic fundamentalists to oppose the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The result was where women could be doctors under the Marxist government and you could fly a kite or be a man w/o a huge beard or be a woman who didn’t have to hide everything but her eyes–all of those activities got you executed when Zbig’/USA’s Islamic fundamentalist armies took over.

    That’s also the conflict when the US via Pakistan employed Osama as a recruiter for the fundamentalist fighters.

    Zbig will never be on even the long list for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. jason330 says:

    Caspar Weinberger

  5. Thomas L. Holsey says:

    While in Delaware on Sunday, February 3rd., please consider joining us at Morning Star Institutional Church Of God In Christ, Camden, Delaware. C.O.G.I.C. is the largest black Pentecostal reformation in the country. Morning Star is an Underground Railroad site, and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

  6. Floyd Wells says:

    Congratulations on your recent primary wins and the endorsement of the Kennedys. The realization that a black man or a female is giong to receive the Democratic nomination for President, is exciting. “Is Obama black enough” is a question we’re all hearing far too often. Therefore, Morning Star Institutional Church Of God In Christ, Camden, Delaware, would like to extend an offer to visit us as part of your campaign stop in nearby Wilmington, DE on February 3, 2008. C.O.G.I.C. is the largest black Pentecostal reformation in the world – 9 million strong. Our Pastor, Elder Thomas L. Holsey, chairs the National Rules Committee, and has authorized me to extend this invitation. Our church is the oldest in the Church Of God In Christ (1857). We are an official Underground Railroad site, and listed in the National Register of Historic Places

  7. Nandini O.B. says:

    Voters stand your gaurd. The Media, Tsk, Tsk is promoting Bias in the American Public. Once again they are dillegently using in excess the words black, woman,and expereience. We in Delaware should draw up a petition to require that the American Media ceases such rheoteric.They’re pomoting momentum to the skepticism that white America has extended towards Black Americans since they were first iinitiated into this country. Granted black Americans helped develope what we now hold dear as the Land pf the brave. Racism and bogotry must be held to blame for the lack of reasoneable journalism in a fair presidential race. The people do value ethics even as profusely as Muslims do. That doesnt neceesarily make any or all of us like Muslims, but they do have some positive nurturing practices which are geared for preservation of Family.Many people have taken aa momment to learn what it means to be a Muslim. Some take it up solely as thier primier path of faith and some go away taking only those muslim practices which they find the most profound in a win win sort of way. The Candidates for President should be refferred to by their Sir name only. That would level to playing field and make this reace as fair and unbiased as possible. Obama not only has black heritage, but white as well along with whatever diverse ethnic groups his forfathers may have bred with. I know first hand the value of claiming ones white
    forfathers. My mulatto children would be insulted were I not to honor their Fathers participation in their coming into existance. Another much neede consideration would be a mandate that resatores a citizens reight to vote after they have fulfilled any prison time served without further incident over a period of time. It could be name Branch incentive to encourage felons/criminamls to adopt 100%good behavior. Also…if you are against the war… Please slow doin in your vehicles ,and stop tailgaiting. Please do pass other vehicles at a reasoneable and safe distance. Those simple couteseys would send a message to immigrants and are enemies that we truly care about you, and yours and ours. Parens of college bound children should see that their student has the proper documentation for absentee voting for The November 2008 election. Be vigiliant of the quality of coverage that our Delaware news services distribut. Delaware was the first to ratifiy the Consttution, Deware should also step up and participate in making sure it continues to be inclusion for all the people, as we are a partnership conglomerate of every ethnic geroup under the son..Barracks victories, just like recent stiorms were not expected. Granted some of the most conservative votors reign from Tennesee. Delaware itself had a foggy start on our primary election Day. The weather on the Day after elections in Delawar was reflective of an Indian Summer.My day after election Paly list included: Prince, Prince of Egypt Sountrack,Stevie Wonder,James Brown, Nappy Roots, Mariah Carey, Porgy and Bess Sountrack, Beloved :he movie, Shri Guru Gita, Sri Atma Gita,Sound of Santeria, Best of Both Worlds,2Pac:Until The End of Time,Whitey Houston:My Love Is Your Love,Mary J. Blige:No More Drama,D’Angelo:Voodoo,50 Cent:The Massacre,DMX:The Great Depression,Michael :Thriller/Man In The Mirror,R.Kelly:Step In The Name Of Love, Stevie Wonder:Where were you,Wyclef:See You In November, Lauren Hill:Zion, Dorsey:Precious Lord, Billie Holida:Strange Fruit. I’m currently reading Soujouner Truth:Moses.
    P.S. B. Nectar Obama For President of the people, By the people, For the People. Thanks and blessings to all who serve with pure hearts.

  8. Nandini O.B. says:

    Obama may not win, But his gaining momentum certaining boosted my self esteem by a few points. If he had born a hundred years ago, His mother would probably not havebeen able to allow him the freedom he now lives. I’m fortunate my white Babies Daddy supports his children without malice or limits. !00 years ago I would have been considered a black bama and my children as slaves regardless of their sire. Fortunately God is King and we are all treated with love equaly

  9. Nandini O.B. says:

    Oppression is a difficult addiction to kick. How many examples did you encounter today that implies that the disease of oppression is resisting change?

  10. Nandini O.B. says:

    Stand still like a statue of Liberty holding up the lamp of light on the truththat America is evolving it’s seperatist mindset. Caution…Don’t hold your breath while waiting. Pro-Life means A world suitable for Habitation. Pro-Choice means being awre that the world quite often is not as ideal for habitaion as we would like for it to be. Mothers, gaurd your children, Evil doers still lurk amongst us.

  11. Nandini O.B. says:

    I’d like to hear the Popes Stand on American Politics and it;s forerunning Presidential candidates. He is most likely gay that a fellow church man like Hucklebee is running. The Taliban would probably lighten up on their women if the women werent in jeoppardy of rape violence. I shudsder at some of the outfits American females wear in public sometime. If a rapist were in the vacinity of some of the Scandulus outfits that our women wear, they would certainly have to tempted to do things against the will of others. Oh, and add to my playlist,Staple Siners:I’ll take You There. Remember “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Y’all…Play it Daddy…………This is the place, this is the time. Lest we forget that Martin set sights on the mountaintop ,not a hill. Hillarious comments from the media still flagrantly remarked. Shout out to my American Indian family members. Thanks for your contribution to the preservation of our heritage. Peace family from Running Bear 21.

  12. Nandini O.B. says:

    I’ve heard from some former military veterans rgat out of all their fellow mititary peers, Those out of Tennessee were the fiercest when it came to race relations. Some liken to the character in Rosewood that raped that white women and caused the death and destruction of sometimes whole famillies of brown skinned people. Any other veterans encounter the same animosity from tennessee military folk? If thats true, I would certainly have been weary of “Friendly” fire around those sorts. Pastoral scenes of the Galant past I hope.

  13. Nandini O.B. says:

    Sessoms of DSU is doing what is needed to bring respect and substance to it’s campus. Many an excessive coffee break has been eliminated since he came into office. I shudder to have to ask that he put educating DSU student the way to insure that their votes are counted in 2008. I don’t quite understand though why colleges dont close on the day of it’s state Privacy or even have a long weekend to facilitate the like;y hood that in-state students can vote at their home polling place. He has brought a still continuing level of positive quality to the campus and it’s practices. Parnts look out for your college student’s’ votes. The system still has flaws and obstacles that might thwart their vote s being counted. I drove do pick up my college kids for the primary. I cried as I polled the students I found that weren’t even registered. Volunteer notarues should be on hand in September 2008 to assist those students who don’t get absentee ballot documents secured over the Summer recess. Shout out to My DSU Alumni, Fraternities and Sororities!!!!I love all Y’all. We could auction off a block of stamps to be used to mail the ballots in. That could raise a few cents too For notary fees.

  14. Nandini O.B. says:

    In My Father]s House I have no worries. His job is to assure my safety against rape, famine, sadness. The premise of most struggles are because of usually one of those things. The Black Father and Mother have had a too long lesson in oppression. Black Sons have been unable to take their positions with integrity. A DOG FIGHT is required to change the pit bull head America. Bush was a test dummy. Kerry was too kind. IF Hillary, Were a dog. we coulfd safely refer to her as a bitch. Bitches too are formidable and skillful opponents but this fight my dear Hillary should be fought by the dark dog Daddy against a pack of old pit bull dogs that should be approached with the same upper body strength in terms of protection of family, property and intellect. You would be wiser to lead in the Senate until this dog requires his just due rest after he has put the bull dogs at bay. We want you Hillary, we respect you and believe in you. If you had a Son, you might better understand the mindset of the Black man and his only goal to protect Family. Barrack is the embrace of all our Families. The lord has ordained it. He was born from the womb of the farest of hues.He was fertilized from the loins of the the most honest and humble. He was raised by reflections much like your own. The Black Man has proven that he has the ability to recreate almost most things imagineable. This task is his scepter now to engage. The men of this earth are being called to the carpet. No longer do we as women want to endure the suffering that their misdirections have allowed us. Hillary you like to conjure up solutions. My dear the Loed is presenting one which will allow us to embrace our men again and respect them and be throne as they should be without taking away our dignity. He shall reign against the bullisthin the big house and you shall reign against the HOUSE. And together this way we shall overcome . Its really not about leading at this time. The lord shall lead. Its about taking the powers that be and enacting the solutions that the lord has offered you. Pit Bulls are hard to put down. In my father’s house… Me his first daughter, believed him when he said I was safe. I have no need to doubt him… All he expects of me is that ot doesn]t require a snow storm for me to slow down on the road, Or respect my elders and my siblings, Or that I should be concious of not burden he or my mother with unsatisfactory(rude) behavior. Bush might have done better, but he was a hollow head that wanted to see where the bulls would lead us and he shallowly followed. My father would not follow he or she who would harm his loved ones Can WE say amen Black man,Red Man, Yellow Man, Brown Man, Hu man. All my fathers…especially my Husband, My brother, my son, my uncle, my cousin, my nefu, my friend. If any one of those should continually continue to rape me of mine, eventually I who am able would smite them out and all those who are with them……………I do approve this message after slight editing. SMOB in SMO KING MODE. God is trying to tell yall something. Let pids disquised as dogs dilude you and humans know too well the wrath of mother nature. Let all the churches say A MEN< especially the Catholic Church.. The Romans inspired me too. The first birth my Grand Mother ever witnessed and assisted in was out of the womb of a Black woman who bore that day two babies one fathered by a black man and ine fathered by a white man. The son to the black...The daughter to the white. The son came out still in the shell and had to be peeled out by the attending Granny woman, The daughter came out fine , she looked uncannily like the identicle sister of another daughter that the White father already had. Mr. Fred, the white man, the head of the camp where this child was born. Loved the boy too, though he cou;d not claim him, the boy died eventuaaly. No one could say that "Sister" was Mr. Freds child, her mother claimed that Mr. Fred had scared her and that was probably why her daughter was the white spitting image of Mr. Fred's other chilfren. True story... My Grand Mother does not lie. She bore 12 of her own and raised then eventually mostly on her own and left the husband of the first lot of her children because back them Men like him(Working Oppressed) preferred not to allow their children to a full education because he who was the greatest of providers and a relman felt their best lot was to work to provide to sustain family. I been longing to see Purlie Victorious again, I remember Gitlow and those folks. Melba Moore sang it well. Ole Cap'n was a M FR much like those bull dogs. His son cared though.

  15. Nandini O.B. says:

    Typos are not my greatest concern at this time, should anyone read this.. You can pretty much get the gist of what I AM saying. Words are important. Like a bond.. Can all the churches, temples, what have you say in unison….Mend it …BEE STRONG rhymes with wrong, not jj. Cain slew his brother able and was never put to right about it. OoooooooIf Mama went to knock you out. you wouldn’t be in. PEACE I AM STILL. Barrack…rest i can with you at the helm. You are a fair SON and we love you for your willingnest to tote the burden, Your Parents deserve to be proud. Bless you and less to those that aren’t getting it. I am not coo coo as any reader has already thought, but I do have a coo , Hi coo if you]re reading . We call my baby girl Coo. When doves cry they coo and I can]t stand to have my coo cying. Gives me the wedding bell blues. Baby girl Be the fisrt to tell them Maybe I]m crazy just like them. God]s wrath I]m told has a get off the hook card no matter what? Ask that of a Hindu and they]ll tell you not. Thou shall not harm./.Shame their men too rape my safety, cows everywhere, filth someplaces. No disrespect. really but I’m The grown daughter of my father with a husband and children of my own. PREACH……………….whew..My Dads message is PEACE>>>>>Im gone. Can]t tell you all the answers though…my daddy taught me that, or you wouldn’t need me to provide solutions for you and i would be out of my reigning position as the first. As first, most I care is mama and daddy safe from all harmers(siblings included if they so choose to disrespect mama and daddy. For all I know, A bad bad seed might of come from a bad hole and I]d quickly blow them off if I felt they were in violation of the covenent to protect family from any kind of harm. Thats my own Mean streak I guest s . I’m an excellent quest though, I honor my parents for having me. Tired of ranting but anxious to see, feel, know, hear, touch true progress in the way of the issues at hand . Dont worry not a Clinched fist just yet and never would be my brother. Just lettin yall know where I stand as the first born of a king on Family and the state of What I]ve assessed about this here Earth. Mama would knock me out too, papa would have to protect me , as if he could against Mama when she has has enough already. !!?Males making women cry… Daddy taught every bit of being a King but weren’t no harming no women or men about it. Ruling meant Harm was not relevant because ruling has no opponent, no advasary I need to get off not and port this to another forum. But I am so moved by this time and pkace that we are in and I know God’s been trying to tell us something. giving us free will and all. My true mantra these days is God]s Will Be Done. All glories to the father, protector of my mother and myself. No fear he blessed me with that. So who are you man?You are not my father, he gave me life that I should have it eternally. You might be a figment of my imagination that needs to be turned off obviously. I hate hate. Grand mother and god teach against hatred. FYI I’m not Schitso Skitzo. Really I]m actively, purposely letting my wailing heart pound these keys and say what ever comes to its mind at the momment. That my burden in life.. seeing things from so many perspectives. Pray for the unversal family. I’m very passionet about the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. And this foolish world allows me to buzz out a bit if i choose. I assure though. God]s in counsel with me eternally. A men, Thank you Jesus

  16. Nandini O.B. says:

    I apologize for these entries which surely would make one think I were a few bananas short of a bushel. It’s just that my heart at times swells with emotions provoked by what I see and hear. To the average person I am probably viewed when I’m in this state as a looney tune but I feel in my heart Im 1000% plus sure that I’m viewed right with God. I’m not a bad person in any respect other than that I could be termed a non-conformist though I can adapt when neccesary like turning on a faucet. This though is not the place for irratioal behavior or text. I do feel Obama is the best choice for president and I do feel that Hillary would be best suited to lead from a different vantage point and should surely be a president in the future if she aspires too. I’m dissapointed that Ralph Nadar is interfering with this opportunity to allow Black America an opportunity to clean up Americas act. Obama is not just Black he is also white and whatever is in between those two. Mccain is a disclaimer of sorts and what will be will be with him. I do think white people have arrogantly taken more from the world then what was intended. The saving grace for me is God’s Will Be Done no matter what happens..I’m just sorry that not enough people have my curse of having a strongly opionated heart. A heart that reacts like a mother charged to bear a child. No more entries from me. I’ve got plenty of plots . Again, I’m sorry I wrote my nonsense here. My father told me long long ago that certain verbage I can conjuer from myself is not readily sharible without intense editing. Or ever for what matter.

  17. kimberly says:

    It’s good to know there’s beauty in the human soul equal to that in the earth,wind,fire and sea.

  18. Jose Varela says:

    Mr. Obama lost my vote when he vote yes for the Bail Out of rich companies. Now all my efforts will be dedicated to convince friends and my family not to vote for him. How is possible that the poor bail out the rich?