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Copeland, McDowell and Adams Utterly Bitch Slapped

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Barack Obama to Host “Stand for Change” Rally in Delaware on Sunday

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This is Huge! WILMINGTON, DE – Senator Barack Obama will host a Stand for Change Rally at Rodney Square in Wilmington to fire up supporters and undecided primary-goers ahead of the Feb. 5th primary. EVENT INFORMATION: WHAT: Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama WHERE : Rodney Square Corner of 10th and Market Street Wilmington, […]

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Reminder! Drinkiing Liberally TONIGHT!

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Reminder! The next Drinking Liberally is TONIGHT at 8:00 pm at Iron Hill on the Wilmington Riverfront. Since it is five days before the Delaware Presidential Primary, we thought it would be fun to have our own little straw poll. Come out, bring your friends and pass this along to anyone you think might be […]

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Live Blogging the Michelle Obama event

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Live Blogging the Michelle Obama event

I just got this email from the Obama campaign: We just filled the 1,100 person auditorium at Delaware State University, and turned away about 200 people. So, for the two Delaware events, Michelle Obama spoke to 2,700 people. These are by far the two largest events that she has done during this campaign. UPDATE II: […]

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Ed Rendell to attend Kickstart Chester Event

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Apparently Ed Rendell is showing up today to lGov. Rendell and state officials are expected to announce a stadium-funding package today that will bring the Philadelphia region within striking distance of securing a Major League Soccer franchise for the 2010 season he is meeting today in the old Chester Electric building which is literally 500 […]

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Ho hum…Another Crook to run for his old seat in Delaware

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The Embarrassing politics that be in Delaware are never ending I guess Tom Gordon, the former county executive who was under federal indictment for corruption charges relating to his time in office, said Wednesday he is “considering” another run at the government’s top administrative post.

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When are Castle and Bush flying in to save her?

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Personally I think this story is way more tragic than Terri Schiavo They kept her alive long enough to give birth after she OD’d on Heroin and was totally brain dead. So yes, she was pregnant and doing Brown Sugar. Nice huh? But addictions are powerful things and make people do things you’d think never […]

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Why we can’t leave Iraq

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A man’s Valentine Day!!! Get the word out early

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Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Secretly…guys feel left out. That’s right…left out. There’s no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in […]

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Tommywonk For Obama

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I want to be like Tom Noyes when I grow up. tommywonk endorsement of Obama.

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Comment Rescue: Obama !

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Comment Rescue: Obama !

I’ll be in Dover tomorrow with about 1,200 other American patriots who realize we need to make a big change in Washington. Just back from an Obama fundraiser. One of his field people said they have over 1200 people signed up to see Michelle Obama at the Grand tomorrow and they are expecting a similar […]

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Live blogging the Repub debate

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I don’t know how long I can stomach this, but here we go!

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Mike Castle Not Well Enough to Meet With Constiuents but…

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…feeling fine when it comes to meeting with right wing nut bags. Delaware McCain Team: We are very happy to announce that former Pennsylvania Governor and former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge will be coming to Delaware to campaign for John McCain this Friday. He will be joined by Congressman Michael Castle, your Congressman […]

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Atkins Rumor Mill is churning

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This morning about 11:45 a caller by the name of Tom that said he was from Sussex County said on the air that he has been hearing “I’m no Drunk” John Atkins is considering joining the Democratic Party and Running for his old seat as a Dem.  I don’t listen to the 1150 enough to know […]

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Fed stays aggressive, cuts rates a half-point

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If you are keeping score that is 125 basis points in 8 days…. the economy is fine, Show the terrorist they can’t defeat us!  Go buy a new car! wooohoooooo

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I’m So Freaking Smart

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This is what I wrote in a comment to Dave Burris back in February: jason // Feb 6, 2007 at 5:07 pm I’m telling you right now. The “leadership” is sticking you with McCain. Just try to relax and think of England.

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Breaking: John Still to Hang it Up

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Word is Prince John hears footsteps. Still’s will be the first retirement of what might turn out to  be a republican exodus from state government.

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Breaking news…John Edwards is out

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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. economy grew just 0.6 percent in Q4 of 2007; annual growth worst in 5 years

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Economy nearly stalled in last quarter of 2007 But as my father wisely stated….Sure, because the stupid Dems are bad mouthing it so much and doing their best to get it to tank!!!! The economy will be fine. So there you have it. It’s the dem’s fault we are in this mess

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Too bad about Rudy…

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He would have been the easiest to beat. Next easiest …McCain. Next easiest after that …Willard Romney. All fairly easy for any of the Dems. Bottom Line: No big deal in the big picture.

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Signing Statement Shows Ulterior Motives

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I have always thought that part of the reason for Iraq was the desire to put military bases there to secure access to the oil resources there.  Bush issued a signing statement today that lends credence to this possibility.  This falls in line with The Project for the New American Century (or NAMBLA) goals of […]

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Ask Dr. Liberal

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DL Reader/Commenter Brian writes: When did being a conservative come to mean these things? More government, more spending, state of hoping for perpetual warfare with third world countries, increases taxes on those least able to afford it, while giving tax breaks to those who are obscenely wealthy. Last time I looked it meant: Conservative (Con-Ser-Vative); […]

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When did Bush manage to change the definition of less spending from the act of actually spending less money compared to previous years to cutting out money proposed in a spending bill?

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With Rudy Out Does McCain Pick up the 9-11 Freaks?

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I guess Rudy is out.  Or he is out but doesn’t realize it yet.   Anyway – who picks up Rudy’s  1-3%. I think McCain has been making a play for those nuts the whole time.  What say yoos?

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Enjoy the Comedy Stylings of Celia Cohen

Filed in National by on January 29, 2008 7 Comments

Do you like to laugh?  Celia’s latest is  unitentionally hilarious on so many levels.

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