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Karen Hughes Hangs It Up

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One of the Bush stalwarts, Karen Hughes, has finally decided to call it quits.  She is leaving her job as Under-Secretary of State where she was responsible for making sure that Bush Administration policy wasn’t misunderstood by the Islamic world.  Mission Accomplished.  The Muslim world gets it, and they hate it. Now we just need […]

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I agree with Dana

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The Republicans were all about swinging for the fence trying to get that Reagan-esque one-liner that would open the money floodgates at the Heritage Foundation. The Democrats on the other hand…. I think it should be fairly clear by now that if I think a Republican is the superior candidate for office I will say […]

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Q: Can we stop saying “Closeted Republican” and just say “Republican?”

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The term “closeted republican” seems redundant to me. Link

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Why poor is awesome!

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There I was 19 years old and a father.  I had a high school education and now 3 mouths to feed.  I was poor.   Let’s be honest though, I chose to be poor.  You see at 19 these are the kinds of choices you make.  You look in the mirror after rubbing one out and […]

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A Donviti keen observation #207

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Poor people are poor because they like being poor.  They aren’t motivated to do shit.  It’s pretty much their own fault they are poor.  Happy halloween!

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Rep. Ennis up 2-to-1 in money race

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PATRICK JACKSON has the story. DOVER — Rep. Bruce Ennis, D-Smyrna, has an almost 2-1 fundraising edge over his Republican opponent, Appoquinimink School Board President Joanne Christian, according to reports filed with the state Election Department. Ennis raised about $42,900 during the reporting period, which started when he entered the race to succeed the late […]

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What do the Doctors think?

Filed in National by on October 30, 2007 3 Comments

Two-thirds of Minnesota doctors favor single-payer health system Study in New England Journal of Medicine Finds Medical School Deans, Faculty, Residents and Students Favor Single-Payer … Most Physicians Endorse Single-Payer National Health Insurance …

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Care Managers (or Why We Need Single-Payer Insurance)

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Editors Note: I’ve been so in the weeds that I just got around to reading this excellent Liberalgeek post. Related Item: Principal (Health Insurance) Financial Group reported Monday that third-quarter operating earnings increased 23 percent to $312.9 million.  The Financial Group is the business unit that figures out how to invest the obscene profits that […]

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Every Effort Must Be Made To Remove Harris McDowell

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He is so blatently in the pocket of big busness that it is just sickening. The NJ via Tommywonk: The report came as a relief to opponents of the project, including Sen. Harris McDowell III, D-Wilmington. “This is pretty much a nail in the coffin,” he said. When the “Democrats for anybody but Harris McDowell” […]

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GOPee Pee

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I know I should be more on the local stuff, but this just cracks me up. From Kos: Give me a goddamn break, Fred. Edward Paul, an employee of the Delta Dental Plans Association, asked the question Monday, but had trouble being understood. “I’m proud to say that in January 2008 New Hampshire has passed […]

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I’m a sucky citizen journalist

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I had a long day at work and a headache at 5:00 so I said, “screw it” to myself and blew off the JJ dinner. I’ll have to read about it over at DWA.

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cough, cough bullshit cough, cough

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UPDATE: it appears justice was served, but in this administration in my opinion this guy didn’t just make this decision on his own. ”I think it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I’ve seen since I’ve been in government,” Michael Chertoff said.”I have made unambiguously clear, in Anglo-Saxon prose, that it is […]

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Action’s speak louder than words

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They have to over at First state politics too be totally honest with ya.   When they aren’t turning off the comments On a ridiculous 9/11 commemorative post by their own version of a blathering idiot They are accusing criminal behavior and allowing no one to comment or defend themselves or point out the obvious staginess of […]

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Reason 2,023 To only envy my good looks

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So at the drinking liberally Dorian Gray made a pretty accurate statement that didn’t need much parsing. He said that he feels I do this because it is cathartic. It’s funny but I never thought that word specifically, but I guess he is right (for a change) but I also do this for another reason. […]

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Vote For Bruce Ennis

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I have to give Joanne Christian some credit for meeting with me last week. I’m a Democratic blogger who has made no bones out of the fact that Republicans start off with a serious handicap with me based entirely on the fact that they are members of an organization that has turned this country into […]

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The GOP-ification of the Military

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When historians catalogue the myriad of sins that Bush inflicted on this country, the politicization and outright GOP-ification of our once great military will be high on the list. Sad when you think about it.

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Maryland moves to keep stupid Marylanders money in Maryland

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You have to be stone cold stupid to “play” slot machines. If you are thinking about “playing” consider giving me $100.00 and I’ll give you $95.00. That is a much better deal than they give you at Dover Downs where they only let you “win” $91.00 for every $100.00 that you “gamble.”

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Maybe blowing random people up and spreading misery across the globe is not what Jesus wants his followers to do.

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It’s about time. Today the president’s support among evangelicals, still among his most loyal constituents, has crumbled. Once close to 90 percent, the president’s approval rating among white evangelicals has fallen to a recent low below 45 percent, according to polls by the Pew Research Center. White evangelicals under 30 — the future of the […]

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SD 14 Endorsement This Monday

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In the meantime make an affirmative case for your person if you want to.

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Romney is the GOP’s Joe Biden

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This post gets the full cut and paste treatment. Romney Vows: US Will Quit The League Of Nations! Multiple Choice Mitt decides that the US should pull out of organizations that we’re already out of: “The United Nations has been an extraordinary failure of late,” Romney said during a South Carolina campaign stop. “We should […]

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C’mon Dave

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C’mon Dave

I saw that JC sign swining in the breeze on my way home from work on Thursday. Do you mean to tell me that someone took it down in stages? Use more tie wraps next time and they might hold up to the weather better.

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House Judiciary Committee: Know Thy E-Mail Client

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As a geek, I hate stories like this.  The House Judiciary Committee wanted to send out an email to all of the anonymous tipsters in the DoJ US Attorneys scandal to tell them how much of a premium they are putting on their anonymity.  They didn’t want them to think that there was any way […]

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I was on the front lines of the war on Halloween befor it was cool

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Although my hatred has cooled off a bit recently, you may know that I’m an old time Frightland hater. It isn’t just Frightland. I hate Halloween, and I hated it befor anyone thought that it was cool to hate on Halloween. But I don’t hate it for all of the right-wing reasons to hate it […]

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Dana to appear on WHYY Tonight

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Dana to appear on WHYY Tonight

pundit 1672, “learned Hindu,” especially one versed in Sanskrit lore, from Hindi payndit “a learned man, master, teacher,” from Skt. payndita-s “a learned man, scholar,” of unknown origin. Broader application in Eng. is first recorded 1816. Good luck learned Hindu.

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20 Million Dollar “Whoops”

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It looks like there is a problem with the Indian River Inlet Bridge that will cause it to be scrapped before it has been completed. Carolann Wickes should be ashamed of herself.

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