Baby Bonds

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Since a great many social ills flow from teenage pregnancy, it would seem to me that a program which creates a financial incentive for remaining un-knocked up and finishing school would be a good thing.

Of course the brain trust at FSP misses the point completely.

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  1. M. Opaliski says:

    I missed the part in Hill’s floater that said if you’re pregnant, or if you’re a mother you don’t get the money. And hey, I have never a boy that’s been lnocked up so even if your spin had a hint of merit, it’s less roughly 50%, no ?

    Can you please post that information on prenancy disqualifications ?

    Also, isn’t it obvious that you would have a greater financial picture without the burden of children, and in most cases with finishing high school?

    Instead of a Baby Bond maybe she could take your idea and repackage it as the Common Cents Bond. Everyone could use a little common cents, you know …

  2. jason330 says:


    Finishing school becomes a long shot proposition if you are pregnant. (Only 1/3 finish.)

    Get it?

  3. I support any plan to assist pregnant women, wed or unwed I would like to hear more details.

    Sen Clinton was thinking out loud and did not have any specifics, nothing new there.

    Last year I supported a change in Federal Tax which would allow an average 4 person family the opportunity to pay no Federal Taxes.

    A low single rate (19%) would be imposed after the family was allowed to deduct $10,000 per person and also had the opportunity to invest pre tax in Freedom Funds up to 5% of income in three accounts. One for retirement, long term care, and education.

    The average family could build personal wealth and keep the tax man where he belongs-far away.

    If a famliy did this savings assuming about 6-7% rate of return they would have close to a million dollars at age 65

  4. anon says:

    If a famliy did this savings assuming about 6-7% rate of return they would have close to a million dollars at age 65

    And if every family did this, a million dollars would buy you a week’s worth of groceries.

    Whenever the middle class begins to acquire assets, the wealthy begin scheming ways to get their hands on it.

    Got a company pension? Oops, sorry ’bout that.

    Well, we will change the rules so you can have a 401(k) account YOU control. Oops, here comes the recession, sorry you are laid off and have to cash in your 401(k) to survive.

    Getting close to paying off your house? Guess what, you can use your home equity to pay off the debt you lived on when you were laid off!

    Got some money saved in the bank? Watch out, here comes inflation, because we keep printing money to finance tax cuts for the rich!

    It never stops.

  5. Arthur Downs says:

    That Five Grand handout is reminiscent of George McGovern’s $1,000 promise back in 1968. Perhaps we can blame inflation for the difference.

    More pie in the sky?