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GOP Held Hostage: Day 1

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It will be interesting to see how this develops, but right now it looks like the Republican’s right-wing Christian fanatics are going to exercise their veto power and strike down Ghouliani’s candidacy. The flash point? Abortion. And here I’ve been thinking that it was the Dems that had the craaaaaaazy radical extremists base that was […]

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Baby Bonds

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Since a great many social ills flow from teenage pregnancy, it would seem to me that a program which creates a financial incentive for remaining un-knocked up and finishing school would be a good thing. Of course the brain trust at FSP misses the point completely.

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Cohenology 101: Expressions of Contempt

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In her late 50’s, and having come of age in a time before blogs, Celia Cohen regards her station as a member of the “MEDIA” as an exalted one. She looks down on mere citizens like you and me with the kind of disdain mixed with pity that you might associate with the decadent Sultans […]

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Celia Cohen Fires Back

Filed in National by on September 29, 2007 4 Comments

This is cracking my shit up. If anybody doubts that Celia Cohen reads Delawareliberal just get a load of this…(Link). A bit much wouldn’t you say? Maybe a tad over the top…? Her dried-up self felt the need to reach out to littl ol’ me after I scooped her face off on with this story […]

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Tom Carper’s 100% Pro-Bush voting Record

Filed in National by on September 29, 2007 9 Comments

When it comes to supporting George Bush, Tom Carper makes Mike Castle look like a rank amateur. Carper’s voting record makes him a unique species in the Senate. A blue state Democrat who is a 100% Bush supporter. In the last three Senate votes that can be used to measure a Senator’s willingness to give […]

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Around the Horn Friday: Leg Hall Shuffle Edition

Filed in Uncategorized by on September 28, 2007 5 Comments

There was quite a bit of news this week, including Jim Vaughn stepping down from the Senate, triggering potentially 2 special elections.  Also Dave Burris has stepped down as  Sussex County Chairman.  Dave will be missed. On Vaughn, Dana and Stephen fire a parting shot at the Dixiecrat on the way out the door.  I […]

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[youtube=] Honestly, it doesn’t get funnier than this LEAKEY, Texas — A Leakey High School senior is being told by his school district to cut his hair, but the student claimed religious values ban him from cutting it.

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See we are safer now because of the war in Iraq

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In three out of four locations on the U.S.-Canada border, investigators crossed into the United States from Canada … to simulate the cross-border movement of radioactive materials,” states the report. see we would have stopped them 1 time! And you all know that it only takes one time to cause another 9/11!

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Finally our Farmers are getting what they deserve

Filed in National by on September 28, 2007 4 Comments

I wont lie and tell you that farmers get a raw deal in this country.  Heck in this state for that matter (which I guess is part of the country, but I wanted to try and make this a sort of delaware post for a change, but it wont be so awww screw it)  These […]

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As if prisoners should have rights!!

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I don’t know what the flying frig is going on with this country lately. First we have these toilet-paper-recycling hippies telling us yet another part of Bush’s Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Now, NOW, we have this crap!  14 Terrorism Suspects Given Legal Forms at Guantanamo. What the hell is this? I don’t get it. They aren’t […]

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Rigged! (gasp!)

Filed in National by on September 28, 2007 2 Comments

I don’t why Copeland would even bother trying to pretend that the process is “open.” Just say, “We are picking a candidate.” Lamont is just making himself and his party look silly.

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Burris Stepping Down As SC GOP Chair

Filed in National by on September 27, 2007 3 Comments

FSP Link I really doubt the GOP is going to be losing Dave’s services. He is too big of an asset. So I’m assuming he is not going away, but changing roles in some way. The NJ (shockingly) does a good job running down Dave’s action packed tenure as SC chair.

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Restaurant Week in Center City

Filed in Uncategorized by on September 27, 2007 6 Comments

I won’t claim to be the most well mannered person on the planet but I know which fork to use with fish.  I know to put the butter on the bread plate and I also know how to position my flatware so the waiter knows to take it.  Now when I’m at Bennigan’s these rule […]

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