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Does Mike Castle know what the Iraqis want?

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Mike Castle speaks on behalf of the Iraqis all the time, but does he know what they want to happen? It is a simple question, what do the Iraqis want? But Mike Castle is so great and all knowing he doesn’t bother to ask. Well World Public Opinion asked. 80% believe the US plans to […]

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Comment Rescue: What bothers me about my conservative brothers

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I agree we should wait for the next report before storming offices of local politicians. – FSP commenter Shirley Vandersomething My Reply: “To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death.” […]

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How the Right wing noise machine works

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Some wingnut cranks out some talking points about how “we are finally getting somewhere in Iraq” and the New York Times prints it in the interest of balancing the reality of what is happening in Iraq with some crumbs for the fantasy lovers on the right. Other newspapers, wingnut blogs and would be OP Ed […]

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Unintended Consequences

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Sooooooooo, has anyone given any thought to what is going on in Northern Iraq these days? The turks aren’t big fans of ours anymore and the Kurds aren’t big fans of the turks (I think). The kurds want independence and some things are lining up to get a little hairy (if I understand the situation […]

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My fat head on Youtube

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If abortion is made a crime, how much jail time should the woman do?

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You tell me

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You tell me

which one is the real shitbag?

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Is Celia Cohen for real?

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Is this one of those instances when Celia takes on the role of political insider and plays her part in a little political kabuki dance – or is she really this clueless? The record holders for Delaware’s most expensive campaign for the state Senate will be tangling again in 2008. The record belongs to state […]

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New Delaware Chamber of Commerce Motto

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Class free shopping!! Link

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Grand Old Police Blotter

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  FSP and I agree on the bridge to nowhere. From Breitbart: Agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on Monday searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an official said. Good. Ted Stevens is a disgrace and represents everything that’s wrong with the national GOP. I liked the “tubes” though.

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Like this guy knows anything!

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The Post’s recent series on Dick Cheney’s vice presidency certainly got my attention. Having held that office myself over a quarter-century ago, I have more than a passing interest in its evolution from the backwater of American politics to the second most powerful position in our government. Almost all of that evolution, under presidents and […]

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Wohooooo it’s vacation time!

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Iraq says Fuck you to American troops We were supposed to discuss important issues in the month of July, but we did not. Sitting in August is unconstitutional and even if we sit next month, that’s no guarantee that the important business will be done,” said Mahmoud Othman, in related news…. US Congress says same […]

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Hube & Felix, Check this out!

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Hey guys, I know you are all upset about Democrats not showing up to debate on FOX NEWS – so I know you are just as pissed off about Mike Castle hiding under his desk when average Americans who happen to think he should STOP supporting George Bush show up at his office….right?

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Bush Violates His Own Executive Order

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It didn’t take long for W to violate his own order to seize property of persons or entities that undermine our efforts in Iraq.  Well, one of the most destabilizing forces in Iraq these days appears to be Saudi Arabia.  So how do we punish them?  Military strikes?  Freeze assets?  Speak ill of their Mothers?  […]

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What Motivates Gonzo to Stay?

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I have been pondering this question for a few weeks now (when I haven’t been too exhausted to think…).  This isn’t a pleasant experience for Gonzo.  He has been called a liar, a lap dog, an idiot and several other terms that are more derogatory.  So why doesn’t he quit?  Why doesn’t Bush tell him […]

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Ringing endorsements for Gonzo

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But Gonzales’s critics on and off Capitol Hill say he has had trouble with the truth for more than a decade, pointing to a controversy over Gonzales’s account of why Bush was excused from jury duty in 1996 while serving as the governor of Texas. And yet Mike Castle has not answered 3 of my […]

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Taking things a little to far…

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In short the cops are trying to convict a thief for the deaths of 4 people involved in a helicopter crash that was covering the chase from above prosecutors would have to show that the highspeed chase put the news crews at risk. Had police officers crashed a squad car and died, the law would […]

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You mean I pissed my pants for nothing?

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The Transportation Security Agency’s national security bulletin issued was based on bogus examples that were combined to give the impression of ominous terrorist plotting, CNN reports. Dang it!! Just when I decide to get all patriotic by pissing my pants and running around screaming like a good American, it turns out the the terrorists “dry […]

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Gannett to sell suck-ass News Journal and three other papers

Filed in National by on July 29, 2007 6 Comments

Word is that Gannett is into making money and not into the suck-ass News Journal. This investor conference call transcript tends to support the buzz on the street. If the suits at Gannett want to know why the paper is underperforming and what to do to fix it they should have asked me. 1) Fire […]

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TV Appearance Post Mortem

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So I’m in the green room and the show just prior to Richard’s is playing on a TV. It was religious and I was not paying close attention but I think the message was: If you lose your job, pray to Jesus and you will win the lottery. I’m not kidding. Onto the set. Richard […]

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REMINDER: Delawareliberal to Excoriate Mike Castle on TV

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Tonight at 7:00 I’ll be on Richard Korn’s show on Comast (Channel 28) to tell the truth about Mike Castle‘s near perfect record of supporting George Bush and his insane vanity war in Iraq. Also appearing will be The Rev. Christopher Bullock, June Eisley from Pacem in Terrisand Darlene Battle from ACORN along with and […]

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Lazy Sunday: Real Estate Bubble-ology

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There have been a few “how’d it happen?” type posts around. This one (via eschaton) is particularly clear and cogent. Potential home buyers for the most part don’t really care what the sticker price is on the house; they care about the monthly mortgage payment. In the early days of the house price boom, the […]

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Bushweller again takes aim at Still

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You have to like a guy who gets his shit together early. Not to mention that fact that he is running against the horrible and loathsome John Still Former Public Safety Secretary Brian Bushweller is hoping the second time will be a charm in challenging Sen. John C. Still III, R-Dover North, in the 17th […]

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NJ runs a “Which one of these guys will be governor?” story.

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It is a forgone conclusion that Jack Markell or the other Democrat will be Governor. Beth Miller’s story certainly reads that way. She does not even mention Alan Levin so I guess the GOP’s big Joe Biden supporter is going to sit this one out after all. NJ Link

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Around the Horn Friday(c) !!! The Pink Slip & Red Carpet Preview Edition

Filed in National by on July 28, 2007 32 Comments

Another busy week in delaware blogland. Not only did I break the story about Mike Castle kicking Wenky to the curb in order to make room for a more seasoned street fighter – but Dave at First State Politics and I gave everyone the first glimpse at“plans” for a Delaware blog Awards and banquet. The […]

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