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A complete moron wants me to be scared

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…I decline. Here is the BBC report: A car which was on fire has been driven at the main terminal building at Glasgow Airport. Eyewitnesses have described a Jeep Cherokee being driven at speed towards the building with flames coming out from underneath. They have also described seeing two Asian men, one of whom was […]

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Around the Horn Friday (err…Saturday): The Leg Hall Shuffle Edition

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Our beloved elected officials are putting the finishing touches on all of the laws that will screw us up for years to come. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Speaking of tough jobs, Kavips takes on a roundup of the bills pending for the last minute push of the legislative agenda. […]

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Comment Rescue: “This article will piss you off”

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Thanks to one of my favorite commenters, Von Cracker, for the link to this Digby piece.  There are so many of these guys in the process here.  Some of these guys have no sense of history or what America really stands for.

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Around the Horn Friday: Slightly Delayed Edition

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Sorry for the delayed Around the Horn, I have been a blog slacker this week.  I will have this week’s edition out tomorrow.

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Do it yourself Philly Draft Story

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PHILADELPHIA — The [insert proferssional sports team here] pulled off perhaps the first surprise of the [insert league here] draft, selecting [insert name of some unknown expected to be drafted 69th] with the __th pick tonight. The [nickname of sports team] also had the choice of [insert name of some good payer expected to go […]

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WPRI-TV, Channel 12 reporter Jarrod Holbrook had his White House press pass snatched today after he shouted “Mr. President” twice as President Bush greeted Air and Army National Guardsmen gathered on the tarmac at Quonset airport in North Kingstown. A member of the president’s entourage pointed at Holbrook after he first tried to get Bush’s […]

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I’m not lying when I say that this really, really upsets me as an American

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Presidential Advance Manual Preparing for Demonstrators  Rally Squads These squads should be instructed always to look for demonstrators.  The rally squads task is to use their signs and banners as shields between the demonstrators and the main press platform.  If the demonstrators are yelling, rally squads can begin and lead supportive chants to drown out […]

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Cell Phone Contracts

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This looks like it will be a good thing! CA court rules T-Mobile contract terms unconscionable

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Are you sure you want that Iphone?

Filed in National by on June 29, 2007 7 Comments

caught this over at Boing Boing and it is really something to think about. Apple’s iPhone already has its first controversy. Why is AT&T the exclusive wireless carrier for the iPhone? As it stands now, Act for Change sees iPhone users locked into a service contract with “a corporation whose practices seem to run counter […]

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the budget

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“For a GOPer controlled House, the fiscal conservatives were scant in the room tonight.” – – Nancy Willing Which reminds me.  I have to get to the Hallmark store and get Dave Burris a condolence card.

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A Little More About PDD Endorsements

Filed in National by on June 28, 2007 6 Comments

My recent comments about how John Tobin helped launch the PDD’s endorsement process got me to thinking about how effective that operation has been. For people who still don’t know about the PDD, like the Stonewall Dems and the Women’s Democratic Club we are a Recognized Club of the Delaware Democratic Party. Like the Stonewalls […]

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UPDATED: Is this the begining of blogger laws?

Filed in National by on June 28, 2007 26 Comments

I’m hearing that Daniello (in spite of the fact that he hates blogs and bloggErs) paid bloggers a backhanded compliment by sarcasticly commenting “if this thing doesn’t pass (HB177 ?), bloggers should have to register as lobbyists.” It was a kind of acknowledgment that blogs are having some impact. Mike Says: “Yes, John Daniello is […]

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The two party system

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These days it is popular to bash the “two party system.” Nothing about Republicans or Democrats appears in the Constitution and when and when you look at the frauds and losers who currently comprise the leadership of the two dominate party here in Delaware it is not hard to fall into the trap that the […]

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My letter to Mike Castle

Filed in Uncategorized by on June 28, 2007 3 Comments

Good Afternoon Congressman,  I am a Brandywine Hundred resident that stays pretty up on the news in Delaware and around the country.  I try to read the papers as much as I can to stay informed of Delaware’s elected officials opinions regarding local and national events and it is possible that I have missed your […]

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Mike Castle: Mr. MIA

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The fact that nit wits like Chris continue to support the President is understandable – but Mike Castle is supposed to be smart. What does he gain from sticking with this nut job when it comes to Iraq? Mike Castle has not uttered a word about Iraq in six months. (Which I guess is no […]

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Bush to Congress: F@#k You!

Filed in National by on June 28, 2007 8 Comments

Liberalgeek blogged this yesterday, but my take is saddness. It is sad to me that my Republican friends* care so little about our history and traditions that they can, even today, they can defend Bush’s illegal and unAmerican eavesdropping operations on the grounds that it promotes “security”. Now it is official: Bush has told Congress […]

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Drinking Liberally Tonight In Wilmington

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For those who do not believe in moderation in all things: This month’s installment of Drinking Liberally is tonight, Thursday, June 28th at 8:00 pm at Kid Shelleen’s, 14th & Scott Streets in Wilmington.

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I Don’t Know What I Think About This

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Mike Castle totally f’ing MIA on the Fusion Bill

Filed in National by on June 27, 2007 6 Comments

For all the freaking out going all about HB177 (Fusion) I wonder why Mike Castle , who scuttled the bill last time, has been silent? According to Castle the bill was an afront to Democracy last June. Now…not so much. One wave of his mighty hand and HB177 would be history. Has he flip flopped? […]

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Our Word for the Day Is…

Filed in Uncategorized by on June 27, 2007 6 Comments

Subpoena. Today Dick Cheney and the White house were issued subpoenas directing them to turn over documentation the the illegal wiretapping program. Please don’t be stupid and say that they were not illegal. If the reports are correct, the actions are illegal. The White House has never denied that this program existed as described. The […]

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Dog Lovers for Thompson

Filed in National by on June 27, 2007 8 Comments

Dog lovers are funny. When this story gets out that Flippster strapped his dog to the roof of his car it could mean the end of this Presidential dreams. Before beginning the drive, Mitt Romney put Seamus, the family’s hulking Irish setter, in a dog carrier and attached it to the station wagon’s roof rack. […]

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Sen. Blevins & Rep. Cathcart are out of controll

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SB 164: Superior Court shall only count a write-in vote for a person who has declared himself/herself a write-in candidate for the office for which he/she was written-in in accordance with this chapter. Superior Court shall count a write-in vote for a candidate on a general or special election ballot if the write-in vote is […]

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For those of you that confuse Insurgents with AQ

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you are wrong, yes, oh yes, you are.  It is like calling all illegal aliens Mexican. But this guy is only a retired Major General and a former division commander in Iraq. Most likely he is a liberal, a pussy, works for the enemy and hates this country! I also believe we cannot attribute all the violence in […]

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Wonky Wednesday: Let’s Get Recycling Done This Week

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The General Assembly has before it a bill, House Substitute 1 to House Bill 146, that would create a meaningful statewide recycling program in Delaware. A competing bill, HB 159, while not as far reaching, would still go a long way to creating the infrastructure for statewide recycling. While either would be good for Delaware, the […]

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Sen Mike Gravel on Hillary….

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Why Hillary Scares Me

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